November 12, 2014

We who are aligned here in NJ have had an interesting journey together these past 18 years. Time and time again God has moved in miraculous ways showing us how His power and authority are released through fervent intercession.

Just a few days after the recent election, John was listening to a national news program and the commentator said, “What we saw in this election was an unexpected influence come out of Trenton, NJ.” Immediately we were reminded of the gathering we held in Trenton in October 2013, in the Wyndham Hotel Ballroom, with Chuck Pierce. Those of you who were there with us will remember that the Spirit of the Lord came into the room in a powerful way. At that time we began to sing the song of the Lord which was,

“I see the chariot of the Lord, I feel the fire on my face, I see the chariot of the Lord coming into this place.Come Lord, Come Lord, Come!”

As this was being sung, the electric power suddenly went out in the hotel! We found out later the power went out across a large part of the state! Many governmental agencies reported this power outage! Chuck Pierce stood up as the power came back on and declared,

“There is a shift in power that has come tonight to this nation from New Jersey. That means out of New Jersey, the run to govern this nation will come. There is in shift in power in the heavens tonight. Decree the SHIFT!! A shift of power has just taken place!” He went on to prophecy, “You better find out every root of covenant that is in this nation and start calling forth the promise from it into the atmosphere and start decreeing how this nation and God’s covenant plan in this nation, in the state (New Jersey) will change the whole course of this nation. The Lord says, I have chosen this state as a One New Man State, Jew and Gentile. I am going to start falling on the Jewish people in this state.”

Then, this past August, almost a year later in Trenton, we gathered again to pray for our nation with Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets. As we were praying together lightning struck an evergreen tree, going down through its roots to an adjacent evergreen tree, exploding both of them! This took place in the Colonial Revival Garden of Morven, the historical home of Richard Stockton, one of NJ’s signers of the Declaration of Independence. Signs and Wonders during both of these meetings in Trenton! God was speaking to us that He had heard our cry and the roots had begun to be cut for the shifting of this nation!!!! We believe the shift has begun!