Recent Prophecies from His Hands Fellowship.

What is prophecy and what is the prophetic in the church?

Teaching – audio podcast 08_02_2015 Message Sheryl Price

It is simply hearing from God. The Holy Spirit wants to give direction to the church and to individuals. So, corporately He speaks through prophets and prophecy. Paul encouraged everyone in the church to prophecise. When the spirit of prophecy is present in a church, God gives specific and meaningful thoughts or images to individuals. These are shared and meant to provide direction and encouragement to believers’ spiritual lives.

In addition, there is a spiritual gift and office of the prophet. The churches foundation is apostles and prophets (2 Cor 12:27). In an ideal setting they work together. The prophet senses what God is saying, and the apostle knows how to act in response. No church is perfect, but this is something to mature in – just as hearing individually improves with practice.

A recent example involves the 7 Days of Worship. The Lord gave a vision to Chuck Pierce about NJ and the harvest. He flew up from Texas to King of Kings in Basking Ridge, NJ to share it. After praying, the Prices organized strategic worship gatherings across the state to invite God’s moving in power. We want to see a revival and spiritual revolution in this nation. And, from previous prophecies, we believe NJ has a significant role.

We acknowledge that God speaks through His Word – first and foremost. Nothing He speaks would contradict or invalidate Scripture. We believe and seek to grow in our ability to hear what God would speak to us today. According to John’s gospel, “My sheep hear my voice.” Individually we need to increase our ability to hear Him. God’s Word is full of examples of how the prophetic works, and the Bible is a book of examples – not exceptions. So, we should all learn how to to be prophetic. For training on this gift contact Sheryl about attending the Prophetic Training.

Sheryl received a vision of the Lord shaking NJ, at the prayer meeting Wednesday. Others also felt the Lord was communicating the same thing.

Turning Point Meeting in Trenton 7/23/2014 at Trenton War Memorial Building
Prophecy about a run to govern the nation from NJ.

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