Turning Point Prophecies

The Historical Gathering in Trenton, NJ for Our Nation!

Wednesday, July 23rd 2014 — Prophetic Words and Decrees

Signs and Wonders related to this gathering.

Chuck Pierce: Prophetic Word
Now the Spirit of God said something to me that’s very peculiar. He said there is a fragrance in this Nation that has been captured. Therefore the smell of death is rising in this Nation, but instead tonight you can unlock the fragrance of the Lord and that fragrance will flow out from this room and it will spread throughout the land and every place where death is beginning to not only rise from the actual land, the Lord says the fragrance of life will overtake the fragrance of death. Let’s shout to the Lord God!

Trisha Roselle: Prophetic Word
The Lord said to me remember when you were going to birth your second child and the doctors said that the baby was dead. But the Lord promised that the child would live. And this is what our Nation looks like; in spite what our situation is, the Lord causes my son to be born wholly and healthy. Lord we decree Resurrection Life, what is impossible is possible!

Chuck Pierce: Prophetic Word
The Lord says I am causing a people to get in step and in the midst of them getting in step, they are going to cause the enemy to back away so a new form of glory can form in this Nation.

And I saw to you, this will be called the battle of the season, so I say to you I am putting a hammer in the mouth of my people in this gathering and from that hammer, I will break loose the words that have been captured, that are stopping the freedom of My people and stopping the movement of My kingdom. I say to you the Valley of Decision is today! Choose the fragrance of Life!

John Price: Decree
This reminds me of Lazarus. Our Nation is not dead. It is just sleeping. Tonight we are here to lift up a shout of America to COME FORTH! Come out of the cave, come out of death! Be loosed from the grave clothes and walk freely again! America COME FORTH!

Sheryl Price: Prophetic Word
I just saw the doors break open! And a Great Cloud of Witnesses ran in through the doors with a fiery, burning baton. And they were saying, “Who will take the baton? Who will take the baton?” Will you be my burning ones says the Lord? Burn for Me! Let Me light your wick in a new way for I say the ages are watching, the ages are yearning for My burning ones to arise in this season. Are you My Burning Ones?

Ann Tate: Prophetic Word (partial)
For this is the hour and the time for your greatest hour because this is My greatest hour says the Lord. You are going past what you have ever seen and what you have ever heard. You’re going past your greatest sacrifice. You are going to be pressed to your deepest nerve because you’re going past… You are going to fulfill the destiny that I designed. You’re going to come up to a place I’ve called, the things that I designed, the plan that I have and you’re going to love every last offering or everything you do, it is going to be the hour of your greatest sacrifice and the hour of your greatest fulfillment. It will be the hour of your greatest deliverance and the greatest deliverance of this nation to my will and the purpose to which it was called and ordained. You will reform to and for my purposes and it will be the greatest joy of your life.

John Hamill: Prophetic Word
God is bringing a move of awakening…God is bring to New Jersey a Holy Spirit move of awakening. In the land where Jonathan Edwards gave his life, God is literally breathing on dry bones and bringing forth this move. We are going to see a turnaround! That’s what this place is called for, that’s what this gathering is called and this turnaround is going to be so miraculous, that is hearts of the Marys, the worshippers, in this land of New Jersey are going to come alive again. And they are going to pour out, you are going to pour out, your most precious oil. The fragrance of the Lord is going is going to join with the fragrance of His bride, and New Jersey is going to shine and New Jersey is going to truly become the Garden State where the perfumes draw the multitudes.

I heard one word for New Jersey: God spoke to me about New Jersey and He said, New Jersey is the neck that turns the head! New Jersey is the neck that turns the head! We are in a season of Resurrection! Lift up ye heads O ye gates, be lifted up you everlasting doors the King of Glory is Coming! He is coming, He will turn us! He is coming!

Tim Smith: Decree
We decree over the United States FREEDOM!!!!!

Sheryl Price: Exhortation & Decree after reading the Declaration Signers Presentation
I want you to know today that you have been gathered to this place as root people from the State of New Jersey. Our DNA goes to the founding of this Nation…I want you to know that this is your time! That word has already come forth. It is New Jersey’s time once again, mud splattered as we are. We are root people but you know what, we are motivated people. Our gift, the gift that we give is motivation! We have been endowed with the gift of motivation to encourage and fill with faith those that we come across because we want our Nation to turn back to God! Now stand up and cry out with me, “Turn us O God! Turn us O God! Turn us O God! Turn us O God! Turn us O God!”

Chuck Pierce: Bishop Gregory
Come up and decree that it is time, for out of New Jersey the voice to come to say this is the hour for the freedom of this Nation!

Now all in favor of voting for a New Freedom to overtake this Nation lift your hand and shout Yes!

Something has been initiated that cannot be stopped. Eventually we end up on the lawn in Washington, D.C. and say, you will turn. And there will be a call that comes to the remnant of every state and they will know and just as through the history of this Nation where there’s been moments were things and where the Nation had to make a turn, all the way up of where you see where Martin Luther King lead a march to say we must turn, we must have freedom. This is a movement but in this movement it is about the Kingdom of God must come to America.

In New Jersey it will take a forming of the Glory to free the root because the root had been captured. The Lord said there would have to be a move of God that would start awakening the root of New Jersey. It wouldn’t awaken just New Jersey. Out of New Jersey there comes a Voice, this is all, it is seven years next year. Actually it starts turning September/October this year and by April of next year, May of the end of next year, seven years, so I feel like the wine skin will be complete for this next move. We will be moving in a way that we will go wherever God tells us to say something to free up this Nation.

But the key of New Jersey was the liberation of the root in it that is linked to Israel. If that root would get liberated in New Jersey, then the voice will come from New Jersey that in the days ahead will turn a Nation. The neck will turn the entire move of God in this land.

So I want to decree right now, that this is the beginning of a turning.

I will ask Jan Rosenberg if he would come and make a decree over this state that everything linked with God’s covenant rule that was initiated in the root of this state that has been captured through money, corruption and through religion, would be set free.

Dutch Sheets: Decrees: Turn and Returning
1. Repent and Turn –Acts 3:19
Lord we decree over this Nation that repentance has taken place. And a full complete repentance is now coming into place. So we decree over America right here in New Jersey that a fullness of understanding and revelation is now coming to the remnant church, the remnant people of God in America. That is going to bring fullness of understanding and revelation that will enable us to literally turn a Nation to go God’s way. So we say all across the land things will now begin to turn. Every state will turn, Washington will turn. North, south, east and west will return because we are repenting and now we will see the turning. Now we appeal to you Lord that You will bring the fullness of repentance and the fullness of turning back to your heart, your ways in this nation in Jesus’ Name.

2. Isaiah 28:6 –turns the Battle at the Gate:
Lord we say right here at one of the gates of the Nation, we say the battle is now turning, we say that the powers of darkness are being repelled and turned back this Nation; that this will be the tipping point. This will be the place for breakthrough! A place that has an anointing that will push them through! And we will see this Nation turn back. We appeal to you Lord, turn the battle right here! There is a strength in this room. Let the unity and the harmony agree in this room, let that strength push back the powers of darkness and let a breakthrough, a turning point come tonight, not only in this place but all across America. Turn the battle at the gate, Turn the battle at the gate! we turn the battle, this is the turning point, this is it, we appeal to You.

3. I Samuel 30: the Lord said to David, you will certainly take back all, you will recapture.
Lord we say we will recapture, taking back all that was stolen by the enemy, let that anointing come upon us all now that we will get back into that position of favor, I say you will begin to take back your sons and daughters, and you will take back that which you lost. Lord we appeal to you, help us to get it all back!

– – –
Chuck Pierce:
The Lord said to me all day long of that scripture and He said if that comes forth tonight, watch carefully, I want you to make a decree that there will be a hidden move from Egypt that will cause the war in Israel to make a turn. We say as a sign from New Jersey, we say now the war turns! There will be people on our path from this day forward that changes the course of this Nation.
– – –

4. Acts 3:21 –Periods or Seasons of Restoration; reconstitute something back to its original plan; reestablishment
We are going to ask the Lord to restore, we are going to restore this Nation; everything that was lost, God restore purpose and destiny, we ask, we appeal to You Almighty God that You would bring a season of restoration, a season of reestablishment, that You would reconstitute things back to the way they are suppose to be, reestablish your purpose, reestablish lost purpose and destiny, we say everywhere where the covenant root has been swallowed up in darkness, that darkness will be turned and purpose will be established , we will return to the roots, the root will live and not die, the root will not be swallowed up by darkness, we will return to original purpose, that constitution that’s in our roots.

5. Moses turned to see the burning bush. He said I must turn and see. We appeal to you that there will be signs and wonders visible in America that we will turn and see who You really are. And Lord in a that passage no doubt a restoration of purpose, restoration for what He had ordained for Moses life, Lord we are asking for a sign, burning bushes all across America, signs and wonders that people will turn to see who you really are, that this generation would see signs and wonders and turn to see who you really are, that the young people in America would see true signs and wonders, that all across America a rebirthing of miracles take place, Let the bushes burn all across this Nation! Lord we say, we are going to turn and see, we are going to turn and see, we are going to see restored callings and purpose.

6. Acts 3:19 Times of refreshing means restored breath, it is the awakening we are talking about. Return breath, Lord we ask for a wind to blow across America, the winds of awakening that this is a Jon 11:11 season, we are going from awakening John 11:11 to John 11:12 new government, we are going to go from awakening to reformation, we are going all the way in this awakening, we are going to see outpouring, we will see the river rise, the wind blow until every part of this nation, all across Asia into the Middle East, right into Israel, we are going to see the breath that started in Acts chapter 3, it’s going to go full circle and it is going to blow all the way back to Jerusalem, we say the blowing of the breath again, that there is a turning point, returns us to the blowing of the Breath again! Outpouring of wind and breath, a rushing mighty wind from Heaven.

7. A Turning point to return us to covenant! Lord we just ask you now that there would be a returning to covenant, we appeal to you for a turning point that many will turn back to covenant.

Chuck Pierce
I hear the Lord say Freedom is on the increase! They left to come into a new land, to come into a religious freedom and come out from a state rule church, a national rule church.
We decree right now of the move of God is moving us out from under any religious oppression that is coming from the government of this land, we are here to cut ties with excessive taxation! We decree right now from this place, the IRS and other taxing agents will be rearranged in this Nation! We say Freedom is on the Increase! Freedom is on the increase! We decree right now that the __________ voice in this Nation will now turn because of this meeting tonight!