The Thirteen Colony Council will be sending representatives to Maine and New Hampshire this June to worship, pray and decree. 

The following prophecies support and contribute to this mission:

May 11, 2019 — Carol 

“As I was praying in The Spirit just now I saw what looked like golden bubbles coming out of the sand.

As it continued, I realized it was a picture of the prayers from past generations and present intercessors, bubbling up on the shores of New England.  I heard, “Mix your faith with theirs.” …….“Then add My finishing touches with the decrees I issue to you”.

June 14, 2014 — Glory of Zion Notes with MaineChuck

“. . . we are going to decree a new, fiery move of God in the triumphant reserve and apostolic centers of this nation will go from Alaska to Maine.  We decree it will go from the top all the way to the keys of Florida.  We decree the new move of God will cover America.”

April 15, 2015 — Omer #17 Prayer – Maine

Suzanne:  We call forth that abundance Anne just spoke of into Maine.  We call for transfer of wealth in to the kingdom in Maine, in the name of Jesus.  Their motto means they lead, guide, direct.  Sounds like HS.  They have aligned themselves with Israel.  Because they have blessed Israel in what He says is precious, we say they are blessed int he name of Jesus.  Maine is the first place the sun hits in the morning.  

At one point in 1800’s they said of Maine – however Maine goes, so goes the rest of United States.  We declare the king of glory comes every morning and is seen and received by all the people in Maine.  It’s the womb of the Spirit – that womb brings forth every thing that’s good about God into Maine, and it goes all across the land.  We welcome you HS, we welcome the dawn.  

Elaine:  We say over Maine – you are the standard bearer.  As the sun rises over you, you rise up and be the standard bearers of wealth.  We say rise up, take your place, move forward and gain wealth and move it out to other parts of the US.  You will not remain still but you will go forth in Jesus’ name.  

Mildred:  We declare the sound over the eastern gate.  It is open to the king of glory… release your sound… through that gate.  blows shofar.

Suzanne:  We call that sound into all 7 mountains in US.  … bow knee to the Lord Jesus and light of the Lord coming through that eastern gate.  

Man:  as sun rises over Maine, men of sea put out to sea and gather bountiful harvest.  The Lord says take dominion.  Men of Maine, take dominion over the sea.  

Lisa:  Maine we say you may see the dawning of the first light, but there is a new light coming, new dawn coming -… triumphant reserve.  Wake up!  Open eyes and see the light. We decree that light coming through forests and mountains of Maine.  Darkness is being exposed in that state and on borders.  We speak to you new light and say wake up.

Anne:  On coast of Maine is a new vigilance.  Watchmen standing up.  Transfer of new revelation.  They are watching the borders, maintain their watch in name of Jesus.

Melinda:  We declare they will not only see but first to decree now.  We thank you that Maine – there’s a place in you in the deep that you have not released yet.  There will now be an announcement coming… off the waters – cause Maine to rise up to place it’s not been before. We call fivefold, watchmen, intercessors now….  rise up with mandate of mighty men of valor coming behind you.  We declare you placed a purpose down in Maine the earth has not seen yet…  off the waters now they will stand up and decree what you want established, int he name of Jesus.  

DeeDee:  North and east winds both strike at you… vortex… darkness.  I’m causing whirlwind to come together to change the winds over you.  Open a portal to my voice… awakening like noonday sun.  You will be able to hear.  Things kept you from hearing are breaking off land and sea.  … my voice like wave of crashing sea… bringing back fish and things you have been lacking. I’m causing a repairing, renewing of land.  Causing land to cry out for me.  Open mouth and cry out for light of day is coming upon you.  You will be watchmen – border. … report, to warfare in heavens like never before. … even though you’ve been out of time I’m putting you back in time. Now that cry released … in time…  I’m turning you, changing you.  Will cause the light to go down in northeast corner.  Awakening sound cry out.  I’m pushing out the darkness from the land, causing revival sound to come.

Anne:  “. . . you have a good root, called to do many things and coming back to your purposes…. raise the standard.  Maine you will reach down and get my original purposes for you and stand up and proclaim them, in name of Jesus.  

Woman:  I keep seeing as the worship goes up – His glory comes down.  Lion of Tribe of Judah will go first… sound come down… prosperity over Maine and US, in Jesus’ name.  

Elaine: Maine rise up and bring the sound – … shake other states around you.  Release the sound that will shake all the way to Israel.  Rise up and release the sound.  

Suzanne:  We exhort you torchbearers in this region – you are not alone.  Call forth the riches into the kingdom.  Call forth signs and wonders in to the people.  Set people free now.  Open your mouths.  We encourage you.  We speak life to you in name of Jesus.  

Thank everyone – for your piece, encouraging the remnant in this region and in Maine.  Call us –  tell us the exploits the Lord is doing.  Show his great and might works. Bless you.