A run to govern the nation from NJ

Healing the Headwaters with Dr. Chuck Pierce
Trenton, New Jersey – October 3, 2013
Prophetic Words during Worship

This prophetic word was understood to indicate that governor Chris Christie would run for President of the United States.

Dr. Chuck Pierce
I say to you, I called this meeting for there is a nation hanging in the balance. Therefore, I chose you the beginning of reform. I say to New Jersey, you will be a state that brings the reform for the future. I say to you individually, find your place in My Holy Array. For some are called to be Annas, and some are called to be Siemons, but I say some are called to be Phillips and some are called to Andrews. I say find your place in My Holy Array now for now in My Time of realigning My Army. And I say to this state, out of you, I have chosen the reform for this nation to come. So I say from this meeting, the next directive for this nation will now be released and the future of this nation begins now saith the Lord.

Sheryl Price (Song)
I see the chariot of the Lord, I feel the fire on my face,
I see… (The electric power physically blows out in the building in Trenton and across NJ at this moment) 
I see the chariot of the Lord coming into this place
I feel His fire burning my face,
Come Lord, Come Lord, Come Lord!

Dr. Chuck Pierce
I believe there is a shift in power that has to come tonight to this nation from New Jersey. That means out of New Jersey, the run to govern this nation will come. There is in shift in power in the heavens tonight. Decree the SHIFT!!

Salem, NJ
I see a shift coming out of the power brokers hands and into God’s hands of wealth. I see wealth that wealth is coming over into God’s territory, into God’s people, and we declare it now to be released over the people of God. There is a shift of wealth and we declare to be moved and shifted in Jesus Name.