Carol (song)
The Lord sits on His throne. The Lord reigns from His throne. He reigns in mercy, grace and forgiveness. His reign is not like others. His reign is mercy, love and grace. And He sends it, bestows it and it flows down from His throne. He’s a king of love. Receive His mercy, grace and love and bow before your king. Receive in humility. Receive. Receive. Receive.

Richard (tongues song)
Interpretation – Darlene- First it is in the spirit and then it is in the natural. You get it in the spirit – then you see it in the natural. It is in My Spirit that you win. Then you see it in the natural.

Watching. Waiting. Warring. When you watch you see. When you wait you receive. When you war, you gain the victory. So war, war, war some more. Receive, receive the victory tonight.

I am hearing the sound of the instruments breaking up rock. Breaking it vertically – horizontally – diagonally. So that when you look at the rocks you see broken lines through the rocks. But deep down there’s a seed that’s been waiting. The seed will come up through broken openings in the rock and produce its fruit.