I  see circles. It started with just one, like the nucleus of a cell, but that’s not what it was. It broke open and more circles came out.

(we believe this was a picture of multiplication and birthing of the new)

I saw a water wheel attached to a building. It was going with the flow of the water that would come under it. Then the water wheel broke off and it began to flow as it was going. No longer just going with the flow. So Lord we loose the flowing as we’re going. We say no more going with the flow. We break out of the old and into the new in Jesus’ name.

Some of you need help to break out. You can’t do it on your own. Peter needed an angel to help him break out. You can want it and say the words, but you still need help. I declare angelic help to enable us break out. Some of us are stuck.  We have some chains and thought processes that won’t break. Send angelic help to break us out.


John didn’t know this, but I read that scripture last night, Acts 12:7.  “Now behold, an angel of the Lord stood by him, and a light shone in the prison; and he smote Peter on the side and raised him up, saying, ‘Arise quickly!’ And his chains fell off his hands.” The angel did not gently shake Peter, he smote him! This wasn’t a kind little whisper in his ear to wake him up. He smote him and said get up!! – now is the time! I loose the getting up and breaking out, in Jesus name. So I say arise and shine for the glory of the Lord has risen upon you!

I hear the Lord saying it is a new day dawning. There is an awakening coming. Greater things, says God. A greater awakening. It is even happening in the earth, says the Lord. The earth is beginning to awaken. Awakening to the sons as they become alive at this time. Awakening to that new day dawning. The light is coming for a “great awakening” of My people – in their being – to more of Me and the processes I am doing in their midst. The Lord says know that that I can awaken you. It is assuring to know that He can awaken me.

So I say, I will awaken your senses this hour. You will hear, see, taste, smell and feel in a greater way, for it will come from heaven. It will not come from the earth. I am awakening you in from deep within to know me in a greater way.

I am sending my word to you in this season. Words of wisdom, knowledge and revelation. Open you heart and expect the Words…

I see water and rain coming down over the rocks and it was breaking up the ground. And the Lord is saying I am sending My Holy Spirit to come down to break up the ground of your heart that has resisted me. So your spirit will be free to receive the word of the Lord.

It is all about the Spirit. Rest in the Spirit and receive.