Dear His Hands Family,                Here are the prophetic words from Sunday night’s worship service! Thank you Betsie for transcribing! Pray these through church!!

Blessings, Pastor Sheryl



His Hands Prophetic Words 11/15/15


Don D.—And the Lord says within His word that He giveth more grace. For it is that grace that you know not of says God. For it is a deeper work deep within—that you have to strive for says the Lord. For truly it is there for those who take it, those who are willing to dig deep into Me says God. For I will show more grace unto those who are hungering and thirsting after righteousness. For you will look at a thing, at a bad situation and you will lift up your hands and you will say “what is the use?” But God says there is a use, because I give more grace. And My grace is all-sufficient; it is the all sufficient thing that I give unto you this day. So therefore look unto Me! I AM the Grace-Giver, and I will give you the ability to look at a bad situation and say “it is good” because My grace dwells within you!


Worship Team—The same power that conquered the grave lives in me, lives in me…He has disarmed the power of the enemy…it was by the cross—He did it by the cross…And He made a show of him openly…and now we can say “it is finished”…the work is complete…you can walk in victory…for His yoke is easy and His burden is light…you can walk in victory…death where is your sting?


Darlene B.—Now the Lord has a visual for you to get tonight. He wants you to understand where your position is in Him tonight—where you ARE seated with Him tonight—as the overcomer, as the Lamb upon the throne—where you are seated with Christ tonight. So don’t misplace this tonight—get the visual of where you’re seated tonight. Proclaim the victory over the things in your life—begin to say “I am a victor” over those things! Begin to say that “I am an overcomer” over those things. Begin to say “by God’s grace, I WALK THROUGH THE GATE!” “I am the overcomer on tonight.” Begin to get the visual tonight! For the Lord is painting a picture TONIGHT of what He wants you to see in your minds eye. He wants you to begin to bear witness to the very things that HE is—and those very things that He is, He is in YOU tonight!


Don D.—And the Lord would say: Know, understand, and place within the deep recesses of your hearts that the prince of this world IS a defeated foe! For truly he has no control over you but that which I allow says God. For truly, on that day, he shall wallow in the pit says God! Just as his followers will—for they have disobeyed Me and My law says the Lord. For truly he has no power; so therefore do not fear, but know Who you know—and know the Knower of your salvation says God! For truly I AM the victor here! I AM the One who has saved you! I AM the One who has bought you with a price! And there is victory in Me! For fear not says God, for that which comes upon you in this life! For truly I have overcome the world, and so shall you says the Lord!


Worship Team—And we are seated with Christ in the heavenly places…so make your decrees, so make your decrees…set the world free…it’s time to make your decrees…

time for dominion…it’s time for dominion…open your mouth, open your mouth!

Darlene B.—I just hear the Lord saying it’s time to get free saints! It’s time to get free! Get free tonight! Break free tonight! Let the Lord use you tonight! Break free tonight! If you never danced before, do it! If you never shouted before, do it! If you never lifted up your hands before, do it! Do something you haven’t done before! 

Worship Team—If you’re bound right now, you’re breakin’ free—if you’re bound right now, you’re breakin’ free!

I hear a Kingdom sound—the walls are falling down! Now shout! Shout! When you shout, the word says it is a Ruah–it splits the ears of the enemy! So shout! Split his ears! Tread on the enemy!

Now is the time for the Kingdom! And we will not settle for less! We’re going from glory to glory to glory! And we will not be stopped!


Gordon M.—Dar said “visualize”—and so in the midst of worship I saw the Lamb, the Lamb has overcome. And the lamb we know under the old covenant—they would take the lamb and put all the sins of the people on it and they would take it out and slay it. And here we have Jesus, and He takes on the sin of the world—past, present, future. And He dies—but He can’t be overcome. And I saw the lamb—the little white, fuzzy, cuddly lamb (Judy-Kay has one—a stuffed one—cute as a button)—and that Lamb stood before the gates of hell. And think about things we’ve seen Satan depicted as. And He stood there before the gates of hell—a risen Christ—and He said, “Give me the keys.” THAT’S what I saw! Glory to God.