As One! On the Wall in Jersey City
July 21, 2016
Prophetic Words/Prophetic Exhortations

Sheryl Price: Prophetic Word
So I say to you prepare the way! Prepare the way for the King is coming! Prepare the highway for the Lord. Look up and see His chariot coming! Prepare the way for the Lord!

Sheryl Price: Prophetic Word
I am creating a New Wind and I am going to blow away the ashes from the last season and expose the burning coals that have been lying in wait for My Breath says the Lord. So I say to you, Look for the fire boxes that have been hidden right next store to you. Look for the fire boxes that have been placed in your midst and call forth My Wind to blow in a New Way says the Lord!

King of Kings Member: Prophetic Vision
What I saw was a mighty army and each of us as went around the earth had a press on our chest and that press was the burning coal for the Lord. So Lord we just thank you for blowing Your Wind on the coals of our hearts. We are called to be Your mighty army on the earth in Jesus Name.

Exhortation John and Sheryl Price:

John Price: Exhortation
Realize straight ahead is where the Twin Towers were. And I was thinking about Psalm 23, “…He prepares a table for me in the presence of my enemies…He anoints my head with oil…” that word anoint really means also to remove ashes. So I believe that one of the reasons why we are here is to remove the ash of that trauma that still lingers to this day. So allow the Lord to first remove it from you. Lord right now I remove by the power of Your Spirit all the ash of that trauma. Right now in Jesus’ Name I release a confidence in God, a new liberty, a new freedom, as that has been named Freedom Tower, I release a new freedom to the Body of Christ in this territory in Jesus Name.

Sheryl Price – Exhortation/Prophetic Word:

And the Lord has been speaking to me. The last time we gathered as a corporate Body statewide for the Turning Point in Trenton, when Dutch and Chuck were praying lighting struck in the colonial revival garden of Richard Stockton. It struck an evergreen tree and went down to the root, and from that root, it traveled to the root of the tree standing next to it. This released a shocking, vibrating sound that went throughout all of Princeton. Not only did it create a sound, but it caused the ancient evergreen tree that stood in its place to be removed, saying to us that it was time to be replaced with the new.

God is saying to us, I believe, here in New Jersey, that we have the root authority from heaven to shift this nation. We have a root of the Holy Spirit born in us, it was in the dirt, it is in our DNA to begin to cry out and Open Heaven so that Earth will respond to the shift that needs to take place because the old is no longer relevant. It has become rusted and decayed and God is blowing it away., He is saying to us, can I find the New in you? Can I find the New in you?

Dave and Ruth Burnicki: Prophetic Exhortation

Dave Brudnicki: Prophetic Exhortation

And this week when I was asking God what are we doing God, He brought me back to Noah and to go along with Sheryl said, when Noah was in the ark, they had been in there for a long time, God was changing the order of things. He was leaving behind the old and going to the New, and it was a dirty, stinky journey being locked up for 40 days and 40 nights with animals and not a lot of sunlight; it was a trying time. And a lot of us have been through a trying time and I still think we are in a trying season. Here’s where God showed me the bird’s eye…Noah released the dove…and the dove went out and came back with an olive branch. I believe that God is imparting olive branches to each one of us tonight. It is a demonstration and an impartation of a change of where we are going to. I want that for my city. I can’t rest if my city can’t rest, and so I believe this is an impartation and we are here to receive tonight along with everything else God is going to do.

Ruth Brudnicki: Prophetic Exhortation

When we were praying and earnestly praying about what God was going to do here tonight, I kept seeing points like we were humans and we were turning into these pinnacles literally points like spikes coming up out of the ground. And then God gave me this aerial view, there were thousands of them coming up in the State of New Jersey and when you looked at it at an aerial view, you could see that it formed a summit. It was a complete mountain of spikes coming up. And the Lord said to me that this meeting, the point of this meeting, through the points that were coming up these spikes that were humans which were coming up and standing up in the State of New Jersey it was going to cause a summit to form for His Glory to come and rest on. I really believe that is why we are here tonight. I believe why Chuck is here tonight and the people that came with him from Texas, we are really honored to have you here tonight, but we really believe that this is going to be a release of Glory over this State, and it is not just going to be over this State because these spikes were so high, they were higher than the rest of this nation, but it was for everybody to enjoy but New Jersey was to be the summit; the formation of these pinnacles for the Glory to rest on.

Anne Tate: Prophetic Word

While we were singing and while y’all were prophesying, I saw that the Lord is asking a question of Issachar, He is saying, “Will you crouch yourself between the two burdens of what has been to what will be?” The Lord says, I am giving you courage to stand up leaving all behind and moving into what has never been and calling forth whatever is on His heart for us to stand and move forward in. The Lord says this is a season where you will not be as you have been, and you will not be who you have been. This is a season, you will be who He has called you to be and you will bring forth ALL that is on His heart!

Chuck Pierce: Prophetic Act/Prayer

Now let’s do this, some of you turn around and look behind us and some of you look in front of us. Now reverse your stance, see it is almost like we are encircled in the most dramatic part of the United States. The most changing, demanding part of this nation, the most determining part of this nation. I really do believe the Lord brought us here, this view is amazing. I think about the word that was just released yesterday, I am changing your horizon line. So I want you to see something that is different from what you ever seen before. I want you to look at something and let God show it to you in a way you have never seen it. Let Him show you something that you are familiar with but haven’t seen. Now Father we are going to ask you to reveal new vision for this region. We are going to ask you for our nation to reveal something we have not seen before. Father we are going to ask you to open up and give us a perspective that we have ne had. Lord we loose that over us.

Pray that the Glory will go before us as well as be our rear guard. God has brought us to this point, but now His Glory is going to direct us in a new way. Now He is going to direct us in a New Way but He is also going to come behind us and seal what we have gone through.

End of Meeting: Tongues and Interpretation

Sheryl Price: Tongues – Chuck Pierce: Prophesies

I say to you that I am going to pull the covers off of some things. I brought you here tonight because there are things covered all around you and that coverings are going to start coming off. You want to watch for the coverings. I said last night I’m here in Georgia because there is going to be a mess in Florida tomorrow and it is going to try to go all the way into Georgia and I said, it has to be stopped. It started happening today.
Right now you have to understand the covering is coming off of some things that the covering needs to come off of. Things that have been covered over, even ways of restoration in this area, the Lord says I’m going to give My Kingdom people ways to restore and establish places and I’m going to start prying it out of the hand of control, so that I can transfer it into My Kingdom plan.

Sheryl Tongue – Anne Tate Prophetic Word

The Lord says China is stirring up a mess, but in the past they bullied their way through it. This is the time God’s Kingdom people are going to stand up, they are going to hear God, and they are going to play the Trump Card.

Person 1 Tongues:

Chuck Pierce Interprets:
And I say to you that there are flows of life that are producing death in this area, that I am going to start uncovering. I’m going to redo the government of New Jersey. I’m going to start in the next 9 months, I even tonight I am conceiving the redo of a government that will be different from any government that has been seen. I say to you that redo of government now will be like a flow of new blood to this land. I say to Delaware wake up for there will be a flow of My Spirit that goes into that State, that will cause many structures to be out down and sunk and new structures begin.

Person 2 Tongues – Chuck Pierce Interprets:
I say to you I am removing the cornea of My people and doing a cornea transplant. For they have been looking out of a clouded eye. I say the cloud that came over you now is the time of removal. That cloud that has worked its way into your vision, I say to you I am going to remove that cloud, and you are going to start saying, “It’s a New Day! The sun is breaking, the sun is breaking, I know exactly what to do. I will consolidate this way and I will move in that way and I will align this way!” I say the cloud of vision is leaving My people.

Person 3Tongues – Chuck Pierce Interprets:
I say this will be a time that I will begin to remake the way you have presented yourself. For you have presented yourself one way and now I am going to present you in another way. Over this next year, I will begin to do some things in you to represent you to this land and this people. I say to you there will be a remaking for a representation of My people. It will be as if you are coming out in a way that you’ve never come out before and you have never been seen before. So I say to you, watch Me redo that identity now of who you are, so you will be seen in a way like you never been seen before.

Person 4 Tongues – Chuck Pierce Interprets:
I say to you the Torah is now going to be uncovered in this area. For the Torah has become law, but now I am removing the legality of My Word in this region and My people will begin to operate in a freedom. I say there will be an awakening in My people in this region that is the Jewish people where I say the Torah will come alive in their life. I say I will cause you to demonstrate the Word, so the Torah comes alive and My people will see Me in a way they could not see Me before.

Person 5 Tongues – Chuck Pierce Interprets:
And I say to you I will begin to sanctify you. I will set aside three day periods so that sanctification will occur. I say no condemnation will carry forth from the mistakes of your past season, but I say to you the sanctification will carry you into new places will now begin to work within your being.

Person 6 Tongues – Chuck Pierce Interprets:
I say I will take you back in a day then bring you forth, and you will say, “How will I go forth Lord?” and I say I already have the supply. I already have the camels that you will be bringing in. I say keep watching for the camels to come, but I say it is you who will bring the camels in saith the Lord. I say I will give you the ability to double what you are bringing in right now. It will be for a season but you will double and then you are going to spread it in ways, you have not spread it before. I say this is the beginning of you bringing in what needs to be brought in.

Person 7 Tongues – Chuck Pierce Interprets:
And I say to you, now I will begin to build refuge; for refuges will be built. You will find places like this that are established around this region. You will be a people moving from refuge to refuge and it will be known by many around you that there is a new structure being built and we can come into that structure. I say look for My Refuges for I will have refuges in the day of trouble. I say explosions, explosions, explosions are coming but you will already have the refuges built and in a moment you will say, you go to this refuge, you go to that and after 12 refuges are established, I will have places for My people to run to hear My Word.

Person 8 Tongues – Chuck Pierce Interprets:
I say many people will come forth of all kinds, and My refuge places will be the one new people that I will raise up. I say the world is still divided and this nation is divided but these refuges will represent what I am doing. I say to you there will be a move in the Latinos of this area that has never been seen in this Earth. Watch as I move in the Latino groups. Watch how I will begin to explode My Glory.

Person 9 Tongues – Chuck Pierce Interprets:
I say to you I will have summits for suddenlies. Summits for suddenlies. I say when you call the summit the suddenlies will begin. I will have summit for suddenlies. So I say shift in your thinking. For when you come together in the summits ahead, suddenlies will begin. You will know the suddenlies to watch for because the summits will be called.
Sheryl Price:
I saw the Lord unzipping the Earth in this territory, and when it was unzipped, the gold came forth. So lord we declare tonight and we prophesy that we are vaving the financial institutions in this nation, even that which touches the world. That we loose the unzipping of Your hand in that prosperity and provision in Jesus’ Mighty Name.

Person 10 Tongues – Chuck Pierce Interprets:
So I say to you don’t call evil what I am calling good. Don’t call god what I am calling evil. For I am purifying structures in the Earth that have never been purified before. And I am causing things to upturn and I say that even where wealth is held up, you will have to go into, so if you call it evil, it won’t produce for you. I say this is a time where you must unlock the veins that will cause the flow that My Body needs. I say there are veins throughout this region. You will find the jugular veins of this region and that’s where you’ll call the summits, and then the suddenlies will begin to happen. I say you will find the desolate churches, those that have been built for other gatherings, and you will gather within those places. I say I will have a sound in buildings that once sounded in the midst of those buildings that sounded, you will bring forth a new sound and even the bones from the past will come alive in the children connected to those bones will begin to come into My Kingdom. I say to you this is a time of calling forth the future of this region in the midst of the confusion and chaos I say, there are veins of Glory that you will walk on and you will unlock and your family will prosper because you have stepped in to the flow of My Spirit.

Person 11 Tongues – Chuck Pierce Interprets:
And I say to you this is the beginning, this is the beginning, the shaking now will commence. That which is been connected will shake loose. That which needs to be connected will shake into place. I say this is the beginning and only you can stop this shaking, so I say if you ask Me for the shaking, the shaking will continue. And if you say, God do not stop until you have uncovered that which is greater than anything we have seen before, I will not stop. I say to you this is the beginning of what will come saith the Lord.

Closing Sheryl Price:
So as we leave this place tonight, we leave full of the Word of the Lord and faith is that we will begin to implement and act upon the Word of the Lord that has come forth.