Don D.—And the Lord would say, a sound you ask for—I shall give you a sound! For there shall be rumblings, there shall be shakings, there shall be thunder and lightning in the heavenlies! And you shall look upon My works and say, “It is the Lord who doeth the works that I see now, that I feel in my body! It is the power of the Almighty, the Great I AM!” For this day I have looked upon My creation, and I have found it wanting. But I have a plan for you, and My plan is great! So look upon Me, look at the things that you see—for in those things you shall find direction!

John P.—So declare, “Blessed be the Name of the Lord!” Declare into the heavenly realms that blessed is the Name of the Lord!

Eileen P.—Lord God You are so loving and good, You are so kind and so wise that you intervened in that plot of the terrorists in Seaside Park this weekend. And I speak to fear that would rise up from that and I say, “Fear—you be transformed into awe at the mighty power of God to intervene!” In the Name of Jesus!

Sheryl P.–Now, I saw blockages in arteries around somebody’s heart being blown out in the Name of Jesus! Receive that right now! Blown out! In the Name of Jesus Christ! If that’s you, put your hand right there. We blow out those blockages in the Name of Jesus Christ! You loose these people—in Jesus Mighty Name!

Mary Beth(GZI)—When she said that, I saw the four walls of this place just blow out. And I heard the Lord say that it is the time for the rising of the pure in heart now, and because this place has been faithful to that, Lord we just thank You for that and we say Lord the Breaker Anointing is come through and blown out these walls! We say there will be a rising of the pure of the heart in this area Lord—it will be a limitless—the hidden hand of God is beginning to manifest Itself now and this ministry will be limitless!

Carol N.—The Lord showed me what was happening in the spiritual realm during our worship tonight. He showed me hands lifted up worshipping Him. He showed me flowers with their heads turned up and trees with their leaves and branches reaching up. He showed me rocks splitting with water going throughout the earth. He showed me a waterfall coming down and He showed me the mountains with the clouds dancing around them. And He said, “Your altar of worship for Me does not need to be elaborate; it does not need to be an elaborate structure. It just needs to be your heartfelt posture of worship toward Me.” And He said, “when you worship as you are worshipping tonight, you move Me to want to shower blessings upon you.”

Marty C.(GZI)—What’s happening right now is that as we are extending this high praise into the heavens, the heavens are coming down. The Lord cannot resist when we praise on this level; He cannot resist coming down. And I hear Him saying that there is a deeper level still—there is a deeper level still! There is a deeper, deeper, deeper level still—for each of us yearning, yearning, yearning—and He is doing something tonight in our spirits that is supernatural! He’s doing a deep, deep, deep work as heaven comes down and our praises go up! The deep is truly calling unto deep tonight! So just receive a deep, (song) deeeeeeeep! It’s going deep down! It’s going so deep down! It’s going deep down, down, down, down—deep in our soul! Deep down in our spirit! Deep down! Deep down! Deep work of God! Deeper! Deeper! Deeper! Deeper! Deeper! Deeper! Deeper! Deeper! Ho! Ho! Ho! You are deep, He says, You are deep—and deep has reached into deep! And I say to you, you are an army marching with banners! You are an army of the Most High God! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Sheryl P.—So now watch and see those that surround you—the states that surround you, begin to dip into your well and drink! For I say to you that this territory will be a refreshing well in days ahead! Many of you that live in this territory—from here to there—will possess the cup of drinking for those that are thirsty for more of Me! So open your hearts, open your homes, open your lives to become the cup from My well, saith the Lord!

Mildred B.(GZI)—I kept hearing about the Garden of the Lord from the Song of Solomon. And I kept hearing about that enclosed garden. But when Mary Beth—I was hearing the same thing—that He said, “I’m takin’ the walls down! I have received your fragrance, I have received your worship—but I’m takin’ the walls down! And I’m going to bring a wind, and your fragrance of life is going out and people are coming in, because they’re gonna say, “I want that fragrance of life! I am tired of the stench of death! I’ve smelled enough of the stench of death!” And they say, “I’m coming!” So Lord we thank You that You’re taking the walls down off of this garden that’s been prepared for You Lord, and we thank You—send Your wind Lord, and release that fragrance of the smell of life! In Jesus Name!

John P.—And I saw a weathervane, and as she said send Your wind, I saw—it was a big chicken—rooster. It turned the opposite way and it shifted, and the Lord said, “It’s time to uproot what has been sown in the land.” And it’s the spirit of false religions. And right now we declare, “You will not take root! We turn you over! We rebuke you in the Name of Jesus! We expose you to the power of the Living Son! And we say, “ Go from our land! We will not tolerate you in our land!” In Jesus Name! Lord, we release salvation into the people trapped in false religion! Salvation! We bind the spirits that blind their eyes! And we say, “See the Light of the Son of God!”
In Jesus Name!
(Shofar sound)
And that sound that just went forth was like a rototiller that went through the land—uprooting all that needed to be uprooted. In Jesus Name.