Don Doorly—And the Lord would say: I AM seeking a house, a house, a house in which I can dwell! For you are the house for I have chosen you! What is in your building? What kind of walls do you have? Is your structure strong? Can a wind come and go and you still stand? For that’s the structure I’m looking for tonite! I’m looking for a structure that I can dwell in—when the winds and the waves come to and fro, that the structure still stands! For I WILL have a house, and you shall be My house. You are My bidding says God! Reach up and grab a hold of strength that’s here tonight, for I’m dropping buckets of strength for you tonight that you can withstand the winds and the waves! When the onslaughts of the enemy come about you, you shall not fall, for I AM your strength and I continue to look for that house in which I can dwell!

Sheryl P.—Song—I AM the flame that burns brightly in you; I AM  the flame that sounds light and truth! I burn brightly in you; I burn brightly in you! Hear the flame; see the flame; feel the flame—I burn brightly in you! I AM the flame that burns brightly in you!

Sheryl P.—Word—So hear the sound of the burning flame within you says the Lord. For in this season I AM turning up that flame. I AM causing that which burned just a little, to become even brighter! So I say to you, lean into the opposition you are facing; lean into the opposition—with your eyes focused directly on Me! And the flame that is within you will grow brighter and brighter, and it will burn away those things that would hold YOU in captivity! For only what holds you captive within can prevent you from moving forward! So lean into the opposition, with your eyes focused on Me, and your heart yielded fully to My will, and see the flame ignite brightly within you!

Worship Team—On Christ the solid ground on which I stand—All other ground is sinking sand…

John P.—So just declare: “I will stand on the solid rock, Christ, all the days of my life! I will not get off that rock—I will stand on it! No matter what storm comes my way, I declare: I will stand on it! No matter now good things get—I will still stand on it!” Thank you Lord for being our Rock and our foundation—sure footing!

Carol N.—I saw, really myself, standing on a mountain. And I saw the winds coming and blowing away all the sand all around on the mountain. And still I was standing. And my heart just resonated with that declaration that he made. And I felt like the Lord wants us to take ourselves and Vav OURSELVES into the solid rock of the Lord Jesus Christ from this day forward and FOREVERMORE! In Jesus Name!

Darlene B.—I just sense that the Lord is just seeding the heavens on our behalf—as we worship Him, as we open ourselves up to Him—it’s like the heavens are just giving way. There’s a weighty Presence of the Lord’s Glory, of His peace over us. And it’s like we are just up there, we are up there at this moment—taking what we need in the atmosphere, taking what we need from His Presence. And even distributing it upon the earth—even as we go up, we bring it down and we use it in our realms where we are every day. And it’s the Lord’s Glory that’s gonna make that difference, that’s gonna make that change in our lives daily. So the Lord says let My Presence press you through, let my Glory drive you through in those places, in those hard places says God. So the Lord says, that ground is not too hard, that ground is NOT TOO HARD! For the Lord says I move it, I shake it, I do My bidding on that ground says the Lord! So let My Presence just usher you in, usher you in!

Sheryl P.—When John said that Joan was teaching her grandchildren to put money in the bank—take some out for tithe…the Spirit of God hit me when he said that—because Jonathan came up to me before church tonight and he said, “You know Mom, when Jesus had to feed the 5,000 none of the adults had what was needed, but the child brought—gave to Jesus all that he had—the loaves and the fish.” Now, feel the weight on that? We cannot tithe and give offerings unless we have a childlike heart before the Lord. Because if we don’t have that childlike faith we will see all the reasons why we should not give freely. This is what God is saying to us tonight. Let’s cry out right now for a childlike heart, because only that is gonna give us the ability to sow the seeds that we need to sow to reap our harvest! So Lord we just cry out tonight—each one of us—cry out for a childlike heart when it comes to everything concerning You Lord Jesus—everything! Lord where we have been offended in tithes and offerings and giving—where we’ve been offended or we have become selfish, where we have become wanting to rule it all ourselves—Lord forgive us and give us a childlike heart—to be able to sow the seed, that multiplication will come in all of our lives. Lord we ask You to forgive us tonight, forgive us please, where we have failed You in this. In Jesus Name.

Thank you Betsie for transcribing them!