John P.—When I was sitting there I heard the Lord say, “There’s a cry for more of Me here tonight.” When they were in bondage in Egypt it said God HEARD their cries and came down to deliver them. Sometimes you’ve got to get to the place where you’re so desperate for more of God that you don’t care what people think. You just say, “Oh God, I gotta have more! Oh God, I’m tired of this same old same old! I want a fresh visitation from you Lord!” Yesterday’s faith will not carry you into the new move of God. Ask for new faith; ask Him for a visitation! Stir up yourself like never before!


Gordon M.—I believe that starting next Thursday(8/6)—this coming Thursday(start of 7 days of worship in NJ), we’re gonna go and see some of the most intense spiritual warfare that we’ve ever experienced—that I’ve ever experienced. Now in preparing for that, I was seeking God and I had to come to a place of repentance. And the repentance was, the world, the media, will tell us that we’re second class citizens, that we don’t count, that the Church is powerless. And I’m a child of God but I believed at least some of those lies. And so I had to go before the Lord and repent. And I would suggest that we all search our hearts as we come into this week, because we need a full amount of faith. We need a sharp sword! We need our helmets of salvation—all that. And the power in me is GREATER than the power in the world. Believe it!!


John P.—You know we discussed Wed. night a little bit about what was going on. The Lord gave us this assignment to worship around the state in 7 places. And Wed. I got the newspaper and all over the paper was about the American Pharaoh coming to Monmouth County. And you know you can’t make this stuff up. It happens as you go. And if you remember, in Egypt Moses came to Pharaoh and said let the people go and worship. And Pharaoh said no, I don’t want the people to worship. And ever since Wed. every day in the paper, the front page has had the American Pharaoh. And there is a spirit of resistance in Monmouth County. Monmouth County wouldn’t allow us to have a gathering at the high place; they wouldn’t let us go to the Highlands and pray. They had a place off in a field that they said we could go. Because they restrict Christians in the park for prayer or religious services. But they do have to have access, so they made it way out—not in the high lands where you can look out over the ocean where we’ve been there many times. So you have to determine this week that you’re gonna worship. And maybe the waters, maybe when you first get there they’ll be bitter. Remember when Israel came out of Egypt? The first place they went to, the water was not good. But then Moses had to declare a healing over that water. Don’t allow anything during this week to rattle your faith. This is a key week for us. And we’re gonna be in 7 locations around the state worshipping God. And so right now, I declare over you that Pharaoh, the spirit of Pharaoh WILL NOT hold you back from worshipping the Living True God. Now it’s also—all of you don’t really know this—we’ve been invited to go on a boat ride on the Hudson River because they brought that Egyptian God (Anubis) and floated it down the Hudson River. Remember that? So we’ve been invited to undo that because it made a spiritual impact that released and opened a portal that’s not good. So see, there’s too many overlapping coincidences with the Egyptian gods, and being called to worship. And so just determine in your heart tonight you’re gonna worship God—no matter what goes on around you—you’re gonna worship God. If it’s real good around you, you’re gonna praise Him and worship Him. If it’s real bad, you’re gonna praise and worship Him. So Father right now, we declare we will worship You, all the days of our lives—and if it’s the LAST day of our life we will worship You!