Sheryl P.—So I say to you, gallop forward with Me, run with Me says the Lord! For I AM moving forward at a pace that you have not run at before in your life! Run with Me, gallop with Me into the new, for I AM getting ready to do things that you’ve only dreamed about! So I say to you, Release! Release! Release yourself into Me and go forward!

Richard M.—As we were worshipping, I see us moving forward, it seems like full force—but there’s hidden treasure that’s being uncovered. So I decree that as we move forward in God, the hidden treasures of darkness will be revealed to us! I decree we have the hidden treasures of darkness in Jesus Name!

Sheryl P.—So now what Richard doesn’t know is we did a prayer assignment in New York City this week and that is the very thing we vaved in the financial district of New York City, and the team that John is on overseas vaved it in Belgium. And so Lord we say this is the Isaiah 45 that the hidden treasures of darkness—and that means the booty of Egypt, the booty of Egypt—what has enslaved you! Lord we reach in and we take out that hidden treasure of darkness and we say we receive it in this Isaiah 45 season! In Your Mighty Name!

Worship Team—And we shall run through the city! And we shall run through the wall! The earth shall quake before them! The heavens will tremble! The earth shall quake before Him! The Lord shall utter His voice before His army! They will run like the mighty men of war! And they shall march in the way! And they will not break rank!

?—First it was the camels coming—and now it is the horses!

Richard M.—I believe part of the interpretation of what he (Briane) was singing in tongues is—It’s on the inside; count it up! It’s on the inside; count it up!

Sheryl P.—Now some of you have been thrown off the horse—and you don’t want to get back on because of your experience in the last season. And God says—Get back on the horse and let Me take you where I need you to go!

Judy-Kay—When Sheryl brought forth the word about galloping, I was back in the back galloping with one foot—my right foot in front, and I felt like the Lord told me to change leads—in other words, change which foot was going first. Now if you’re riding a horse, it’s important that they’re on the right lead when they’re turning—otherwise they’re unbalanced. So it’s safer for you when they’re on the right lead, and you can help them learn how to do that. So what we felt like, in talking to Sheryl, was that we need to learn to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s lead.

Sheryl P.—So let’s talk to Him right now about that. Because I think that’s the biggest blockage in our life. It’s not demons; it’s not the devil. It’s our not being willing to be led by Holy Spirit. So Lord we submit ourselves to Your Living Representative in the earth today, called Holy Spirit. You’re in us, Holy Spirit; you surround us. You are the Godhead of choice in the earth today. You were sent when Jesus ascended; You were sent into the earth realm. And Lord we yield ourselves to You today Holy Spirit. Give us the ability—grace us in this new season to follow Your lead, to be on the right lead—whatever we do, wherever we go, whatever we say. Forgive us for self-will, forgive us for traditions of men that make null and void Your word.

Erin D.—(song)—My ways are higher, My ways are higher, says the Lord. For My ways are mercy, My ways are love…

Erin D.—(word)—I feel the Lord saying that He’s calling us up higher in this season in understanding His grace, in understanding of His love and mercy. He’s going to allow us to flow in the movement of the Holy Spirit. That those old mindsets and patterns of thinking the Lord’s going to break off and renew your mind. For there’s a connection with Me that you’ve not felt before—that oneness in the Spirit, by the Holy Spirit —that His ways are higher—they’re not ways of earthbound or the ways of man. But the ways of the Lord are higher. And He’s going to teach us His ways in a deeper way. We’re going to be flowing in the love of God and the compassion and the mercy of the Lord. And we’re going to see angelic hosts and visitation as we walk in the higher ways of the Lord—the higher ways of forgiveness, of compassion and receiving the love of God and receiving mercy for yourselves says God.

Don D.—And the Lord would say a new freedom I AM showing unto you today. It is a freedom that you’ve not known before says God. For it is a freedom that says yes you can come into my gates with thanksgiving—but you shall go into My courts with praise says God! For within the courts of My praise there is healing, there is power, there is that which you need says God! So therefore I release unto you this new freedom, that you may bask in it, that you may dwell in it, that you may live in it says the Lord! And rejoice and be glad, because I have overcome the world!