Sheryl P.—So I’m breaking the dam within you says the Lord! The dam is breaking! Let loose says God! Let loose!

Worship Team—It’s a tidal wave! It’s a tidal wave! Get ready for the rushing! The gushing! This river’s breaking forth! Overtake us Lord! Breakthrough!

…New revelation, new revelation of His love for us!

Christiane D.—The Lord says this is not a season that I’m gonna lead you beside the still waters—but it’s a season that I’m calling you out upon the waters. For when you’ve reached Me and you seek Me in the deep is where I’m gonna meet every need that you have—your need for rest, your need for healing, your need for hope and your need for strength will be found when you seek Me in the deep.

Carol N.—The Lord is showing me branches of a tree. And He said some trees have branches and twigs that have a very predictable pattern. And other trees have branches that go in strange ways and in unusual patterns. But He said still, even the birds and the squirrels find a way to build a home in the unusual branches. And the Lord says, Be at home in the way that I AM calling you to branch out—Be at home, because there is where I AM.

Debbie G.—And the Lord would say, Just like the early settlers in the covered wagons that had to go on the uncharted territory, into new lands that they had not seen nor known before—but yet the land called to them, the territory called to them! And the Lord would say I AM calling you! Hear My call! Even unto uncharted places you haven’t been before! For know that the wagon that you travel in is a strong and sturdy wagon. And the wheels will not fall off and the wagon will not topple! For that wagon is ME that holds you! But hear the land calling! Hear the call to you and come! Even though it’s uncharted, be not afraid, but come out into the uncharted places! Hear My call! Hear My call to you and come! Just like the land called to those settlers and they HAD to go and claim the territory that I had given them!