Eileen P.—I was reading my Bible this morning in Matthew and Jesus was saying to Peter, “upon this rock you will build My Church”. Peter had received revelation from the Father and this was the rock upon which we would build. Then God said, “I’ll give you the keys of the Kingdom” and “whatever you bind on earth…”. And I saw there’s a linkage there—we bind or we loose to release the Kingdom, but we’re only able to do it because we receive revelation from the Father.

Sheryl P.—I have not called you to build upon the sand; for your foundation is a solid rock from eternity past, into eternity future. So I say to you today, look at the storms swirling around you; even look at those rivers rushing madly from the rainstorms that come. You will not be washed away in the melee of the storms that are coming, for your feet are founded upon Me! I AM your rock; I AM the Rock upon which you are built! Cling to Me; immerse yourself in Me in this season and faith will come to a new level! Faith will come as you read My word and hear it within you, and walk it out outside of you. So I say, I AM your Rock; I AM NOT the shifting sand!

Carol N,–I’m seeing a blanket that has fringe around the edges, and some of the fringe is all tied up and knotted. And the Lord says, “I desire to blanket you with My fringe benefits, and I AM your Deliverer, and I will come and untie the knots that are holding you back! I AM YOUR Deliverer, and I have come to bring you fringe benefits, like a blanket that covers you in comfort!” Thank you Lord!

Worship Team— The Lord says A faithful army, an advancing army—that’s what I see! That’s what I see! A faithful army, advancing army—moving forward, moving forward! That’s what I see! Move in faith! Move in faith! Pushing back the darkness, bringing in His light! It’s a faithful army! Moving forward! Advancing, advancing!

Jonathan P.—I just saw the congregation beginning to stomp their feet. And as we stomped our feet, the earth loosened up! It was a really dry, cracked, hard ground. And as we were stomping our feet we began to press in—I heard the low rumbling of our voices coming from our insides, coming from our bellies, as we prophetically lifted our hands out from the floor to the ceiling. We began to unearth things—unearth powers in the region, unearth spirits that are at work. So prophetically begin to lift that ground up in front of you as you stomp and declare!


Worship Team—As you move with Me, you will see the salvation of the Lord in the land of the living! You will see it! You will see it! You’ll see things move, you’ll see things shift, as you move with Me! Move with Me!

Sherri S.—As we were worshiping I saw a tornado, coming through a portal. And as it came down, it was many different colors. I heard that there is a sound of love coming. Everyone has an individual love of God, but that sound of love in each of us will come together. And as we permeated the earth with worship by that sound of love, the portal opened even wider. We need to permeate heaven and earth with a sound. Everybody’s sound is a little different; everybody’s expression is a little different. But when we do it in unison there is a level of worship that will enter in this room, and heaven will touch earth, and open the portal.

Don D.—There is a military term for the stomping of the feet, and it’s called “marking time”. And the one in charge gives out the command to “mark time”. And what we’re doing is we’re moving our feet left to right, left to right, and we keep doing that until we hear the next command from the Master.

So Father, in the Name of Jesus we are marking time, we are pounding our feet to the pavement! And we’re waiting Your command O God, that You will launch us forward to do the great exploits that You have for us in this season!

Worship Team—There’s a new momentum coming! There’s a new momentum coming! So step into time! Step into time! Left, right, left! Left, right, left! Step in time! Step in time!

Sheryl P.—So I ask you, “Will you press forward when you are resisted? Will you continue head on when you are held back by the onslaught of the enemy? Will you grope for Me and press through that which is a difficult situation?” I ask you, “When I come, will I find faith on earth? Press through! Look beyond what you are in, and see what you are coming to! For I say, I have made the way, and I have given you the keys of binding and loosing. And you have heard My voice from heaven!” So I say to you, “Declare where you are going, and press through that which would resist you!”;

Worship Team—Use your tongue! There’s power in it! When all around you fights against you, use your tongue! For there is power in My Name! Use your tongue! Let it come into agreement with My Name! Use your tongue! For there is power in your MOUTH! Use your tongue! Life and death is in the tongue! Use your tongue! You HAVE to do it! Use your tongue!

Your tongue will set the captives free! Your tongue will bring us liberty! You are My vessels! You are My mouthpiece! Use your tongue! In this land of the living—use your tongue! Your tongue has power and liberty!

So we decree! Till we see—this liberty come to pass! We will decree till we see this liberty! We won’t stop! We won’t give up! We will decree until we see!

Betsie C.—God is saying, “Jail break! Jail break! Jail break! What has masqueraded as My narrow way—I AM breaking you through that lie! I AM breaking you through the place of weariness and striving and struggle that is not My way, that has masqueraded as My way! And I AM establishing you in the true narrow way—a place of laser point activity, a place of propulsion forward—a place of taking you off the hard, worn paths, to paths where truth and righteousness echo My Name! So I say look to Me! And look again! For I will blow up old mindsets that you even thought were Mine, and establish you in the fullness of the freedom and blessing I have!” In Jesus Name.

Jonathan P.—Just begin to jump! Just jump up and down where you are! Just begin to stomp that ground!

Worship Team—I will break up the ground everywhere I go! I’ll break up the ground! I’ll shake up the ground! Everywhere I go! Make this your confession! I’ll break up the ground—with this Kingdom sound! Everywhere I go! Break! Break! Break! Break! With the Kingdom sound!