Erin D.—I feel like the Lord is saying tonight that “I’m pursuing you in this season. Even as a deer pants for the water brooks and chases after that fresh scent of water, the Lord said I’m pursuing you! I’m going to come and fill you in this season, and pursue you and give you what you need so that you are refreshed and strengthened. The enemy may be on your trail but I’m on your trail and I’m pursuing you and going to guard you against the enemy’s onslaught. You’re going to be refreshed and strengthened to turn around and go after him, says God!”

Receive the strength of the Lord tonight! Father we receive your pursuit of us! We receive an infilling of your fresh Holy Spirit, Your fire! We receive that in our bellies tonight Lord! Your fire! Let it come and consume us, and strengthen us tonight, in Jesus Name.

Debra L.—I feel like God is saying, “Don’t pass this minute by. If you will ask, I will baptize you with fire afresh and anew. I want to give it to you now!”

He’s pursuing us! It’s not hard—lift up your hands! Receive the baptism of fire of the Holy Spirit right now! And if you’ve never had it before, ask for it now! He wants to give it to you! It’s yours for the asking in Jesus Name.

Darlene B.—The Lord says tonight, “Let Me come in and do that transformation. Let Me come in, and minister to your heart. Let me begin to stir in you. Let me begin, let me capture all those things, all those vain imaginations. Let Me begin that fire; let Me increase your desire! Great am I, says the Lord! Great in you! Great in your circumstances! Let Me begin says God!

Sheryl P.—And I hear the Lord saying to us tonight: “Look! See the treasure box I have placed before you. For in it are hidden things that you’ve never dreamed possible. Open it wide! Pursue what I have for you! Receive the treasures of the hidden darkness that have been waiting for you to pursue them! I say to you, I AM opening your eyes in this season, and you will see My treasures in the earth realm, My treasures in one another, My treasures released by the Holy Spirit coming to you! So pursue them, as I have pursued you, and receive My hidden treasure!

Erin D.—(song and word)—“I’m resetting you; in My crown of Glory! You are My gems, you are My diadem! I’m going to show you off to the world—the beauty of the Lord in you!”

Some of us need restoration tonight; some of us need healing; some of us need strength. And I just like the Lord is saying I’m going to take you, as a jeweler would take a gem, and refine it and polish it and set it in place in My crown of Glory. God is resetting us tonight so we shine for Him. You are His gem! You possess the beauty of the Lord! You are His gem!

Carol N.—The Lord just showed me a creature that has a shell—I guess it’s something like a snail, where the body comes out from the bottom. It secretes a liquid and then it’s body travels along the liquid. And because it secretes this liquid it allows the flesh to come out of the shell and stretch even farther. And it allows this slow moving creature to actually go very far and in very different places. And the Lord said, this is how My anointing works. My anointing comes upon you like an oil, and it glistens and it just lubricates you, it goes through you and in you, and you exude it out of you. And because you have that anointing, you are able to be stretched farther than you ever thought. You are able to go to more places and reach more people because of My anointing. So we just welcome Your anointing Lord; we welcome this simple example of how we can understand how your anointing works. We welcome Your anointing Lord, so we can go farther, be stretched farther and reach more people for You and Your Kingdom. In Jesus Name.