Worship Team—Release Your Glory Lord! Shine Your light to the world! Release Your fire Lord! Fire fall! Set us ablaze for Your Glory! Embrace the flame! Let it burn away everything that could hinder you!
And I’m raising up Elijah’s now! I’m calling to Elijahs now—who will call down the flame! I’m calling for Elijahs now—come forth My people! Release the flame from heaven that I’ve placed within your spirit! It will set up a standard against the darkness in this land, releasing the flame of God!
And I’m setting the stage for revival! I’m setting the stage for revival! Revival will come! Revival come! Revival come!
Change! It’s not the same! It’s time for change! I’m setting the stage for revival!

Carol N.(Song)—I’m loosing the mantle of anointing! Reach up and catch it!

Worship Team—Messengers of fire that will carry My flame! I’m putting fire in your mouth! Receive My fire! Speak My fire! Carry My fire!

Deb G.—I had an old paint can this week that I was trying to pry open and I could not get it open. I tried all different tools and things to pry it open. But I finally found the right thing to pry it open.
And the Lord would say that those things that seem stuck in your life, those things that seem stuck in your situation—I would say to you that I have the tools to unstick those things! Those things that seem like they have lids on them that can’t come off—I say to you, I AM the One to remove those lids! And just like there are jars with lids that can’t come unscrewed, don’t you know that I AM mightier and more powerful than those things that seem like they can’t be loosed or unscrewed? So put your hope in Me, put your hope in Me—that I’m greater than those things that are stuck, those things that have lids, and those things that seem like they can’t be opened up!
And the Lord would also say, where there’s things that seem like they’re not lining up right—like a shirt that doesn’t have the right button on it—don’t you know that I have the right button—I have the right thing to sew into place to tighten up and close up those things that need to be closed up? So don’t fret and don’t look at the situation, but keep your eyes on Me, because I have the tools, I have the way—I AM the Way to unlock, unscrew, and align those things that need to be aligned!

Eileen P.—I was watching a live show in Saudi Arabia where the President and his group are being honored, and all these Bedouins were serving in their white caftans and their white turbans on their heads. And I notice that as they were serving with their trays, every one of them had a holster strapped on and a gun at his side. So I feel the Lord was saying when you are serving, remember you need to be prepared to engage in spiritual warfare.

Troy P.—The Lord is writing a love song right now. It’s a love song—His Name is Jesus. And He said My grace is here—My grace to cast out every fear—every fear—My grace is here. If you will receive the revelation of My love that’s available for you—the length, the breadth, the height and the depth of it right now, My grace is here—reach up. Just say Lord I receive this revelation of Your love—the length, the breadth, the height and the depth. And it is casting out—throwing out—all fear from my heart, all fear from my heart! Your love is casting out all fear—it drives it out! The revelation of the Father’s love drives fear out of our hearts—and there is a grace right now to receive more of that revelation than you’ve ever walked in before. There’s a grace right now being released to receive the length, the breadth, the height and the depth of that love that casts out all fear—all fear and torment! His love is here right now and I’m casting it out says the Lord—as you lay hold to this love by faith, as you say tonight, “I’m laying hold to the revelation of this love in Ephesians 3—the length, the breadth, the height and the depth of it”, the Lord says you watch and you see—you’re going to begin to walk so free, so free, so free! Says the Lord. Because My grace is here—it’s helping you to receive what you haven’t even received before! This revelation of My love—right now—receive it! Thank you Father!

Darlene B.(Song)—Stirring, stirring; it’s a stirring! In the manifestations, there’s a stirring! Let it whirl, let it swirl, let it move; it’s a stirring! It’s a whirling, it’s a stirring—the manifestation—it’s in the wind of the Spirit! Let it move, let it whirl, let it swirl, let it move! It’s a stirring…let it move…the manifestations of the Spirit; let it move, let it move, let it move! It’s pouring out, it’s pouring out; can you feel it? Manifestations in the wind, it’s in the Spirit!

Sheryl P.—(Word)So catch, catch this sound! Release the sound from out of your spirit says the Lord! For it is a new sound of My Spirit going through the earth realm, and I will sound it through you says God.
(Song)New sounds of My Spirit are erupting out of you, out of you, out of you—Deep calls unto deep, within you…
(Word)For this is a season when you must discern the sounds of heaven! For as I send you here and I send you there, you must be aware of My new sound breaking forth into the earth’s atmosphere! For I say to you, the sounds are many that have captured My people, but I AM loosing My new sound to bring freedom, deliverance, and a liberty to those that are seeking Me for more!

Worship Team—Sounds, of My awakening! Sounds, of My Kingdom reign! Sounds, straight down from heaven! Let it ring, let it ring, let it ring, let it ring! Sounds of My awakening—going forth, going forth, going forth!
Sheryl P.—So now put your hand right here—and be a sound; let it out of your mouth—loose the sound of God!
Worship Team—It’s the sound, it’s the sound it’s the sound of the chariot sweeping you up! It’s the sound of the chariot; it’s sweeping you up! It sweeping you up into heaven—because you only can declare from heaven!

Carol N.—This is an interpretation of the music—I saw the Lord walking on the earth; and He looked down and He saw dry pockets, dry pockets of land. He saw parched things and He saw vegetation that had shriveled up. And I saw Him go and bend down and scoop up water from a river. And He sprinkled the water on all the parched places. And I heard the sound of the sprinkling as He was sprinkling the water and reviving all those dry places. And He said, “I AM the original Revivalist, and I will revive the land—but revival is birthed of one thing—and that is called compassion. It is the compassion of My heart that will sprinkle the dry places and revive the land!”

Sheryl P.(Song)—Revive the land! Revive the land! Revive my land!
Worship Team—Revive our land! Revive our land!
Sheryl P.(Song)—Make me a rainmaker! Make me a rainmaker! Make me a rainmaker everywhere I go! Everywhere I go!

Betsie C.—And God says yes, those waters , those deep waters are roiling, they’re roiling; and they’re turning and they’re churning up the deep! And I’m calling to your deep; and I’m calling for your deep to call to My deep! That what has been seen as My deep in the past has only been My surface! And I AM calling you to that deeper place! I AM calling you! Let Me touch your deeps! Let the deep cry, the deep intimacy, those deep places that you’ve not yet known, to come forth! Let Me touch you! It doesn’t matter—don’t think that there’s a barrier that’s too strong for Me to come into/through with My love, with My grace, with My power! Don’t listen to any disqualifiers! I AM able to touch you in the deep place! Just say, “Yes!” Just say, “Yes!” Just say, “Yes!” And let the deep cry come forth that My deeps will break forth in the earth! In Jesus Name!

Thank you to Betsie for transcribing these prophetic words for us! Make them a declaration in your prayer and worship time this week!