Worship Team—The Lord is breaking you out of old cycles tonight—breaking you into new things tonight! Step out prophetically! Let Your Glory arise! Swing wide ye gates! Now just speak to that thing you’re breaking out of—tell it it’s defeated tonight!

Lift up your heads O ye gates! Swing wide! Rise! Rise! We will dance and the path will open! Open up! Open up! We are dancers for the Glory of God! Releasing His Glory! Oh we dance so the path opens up!

Betsie C.—I see God—He’s broken through those gates! He is riding forward on the horse of victory! He has trampled over that spirit of intimidation—He is calling us out of the familiar and saying, “Follow Me! Move Forward!” In Jesus Name.

Worship Team—King of Glory! Have Your Glory! We shall possess the gates of our enemies! Victory! Victory! The glory generation is arising in the earth! There’s a generation of glory arising in the earth! Arise! Arise! It’s flowing down this glory—generation to generation!

Sheryl P.—Now hear the sound of the sickle—hear the sound of the sickle! The harvest sickle being swung by the nation! This is a sound for the nation—to begin to put in the sickle, for the next generation! So Lord we say we swing the sickle!

Sheryl P.—(Song)—We swing the sickle! We swing the sickle! We swing the sickle of harvest! Raise up the evangelists Lord! Raise up the evangelists Lord! With signs and wonders and miracles! Raise up the evangelists!

Debbie M.—I heard the Lord Jesus say to the younger generation, ask what you will! That it may be done unto you, so the Father is glorified! Right now, ask what you will!

Jonathan P.—Now everybody just stretch your hand to those younger kids—just begin to publicly speak out blessings—just begin to declare prosperity, provision, wisdom!

John P.—Now parents you declare I trust you with my children’s future! I put my children’s future in your hands! I put my grandchildren’s, my sister’s, my relative’s future in your hands! You’re a good God and you have a plan for them! And we just say “Yes” and “Amen” to that plan tonight! In Jesus Name.

Jonathan P.—There’s a new song that’s within us Lord—bring it out! Bring out that new song Lord!

John P.—(Song)—Blessed are you, who hunger and thirst for righteousness, righteousness, righteousness! You shall be satisfied with goodness overflowing! Overflowing! Be satisfied tonight; let your hunger take flight—for you will be filled! Overflowing! Blessed are you!

Betsie C.—I saw the clay pot breaking open and a vehicle coming out of it—it looked like a car. And the Lord brought to my mind “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”—the old movie with this car that flew. And I felt like God is just saying, out of this place, as you follow Me, and those clay pots break open, that you’ll be going on conveyances you have not known before! You’ll be moving forward in ways you have not known before! Release to Me! Look to Me! For I can enable you in it—and we will go forward, and we will MOVE forward, in ways you have not known—for MY glory says the Lord!

Don D.—I see the Lord! He is high and He is lifted up! And His train fills the temple! And they cried, Holy! Holy! Holy! unto the Lord. For they looked upon Him and they turned their eyes to the ground because of His holiness! For truly He is the awesome One, the Almighty, the Creator of all things! And truly this day, My people, I have bestowed upon you honor; and I have given you My Spirit, and I have given you Myself to look upon! For truly do you not look upon Me as Holy? For I AM Holy, says the Lord! Do you not bow in My Presence, says the Lord—and give homage and admiration to Me? So Father, I bow in Your Presence Almighty God—and I give You praise this night for Who You are, and Who You are to me, and Who You’re going to be in the days ahead! Hallelujah! In Jesus Name!