Worship Team—I see many of us as lampstands burning for the Lord…but our flames are quivering, wavering…we are needing new oil from the Lord…So I hear the Lord saying come unto me for I AM your daily bread and I AM your manna…I will fill your lamps so you can shine again…so come unto Me, come running unto Me, stay longing for Me…do not be satisfied with what you have right now…stay yearning for Me, and I will fill you to capacity…so you can go running with the Gospel in your feet…to the North and the South and the East and the West—all over! I will fill your lamps, so you can shine again!

John P.—So just ask Him to fill your lamps now to overflowing. Declare that you will shine brighter in this point in your life than you’ve ever shined before. Thank you Lord!

Don D.—The Lord would say I AM drawn to your heart! For I see what’s in the heart of man, and I look at yours and I AM pleased. This day a blessing shall be pronounced upon you! For as you prepare for those 3 days of fasting and prayer before Me, in honor of Me, then I will move heaven on your behalf, and it shall be done, says God! Those whom I have anointed, those shall be blessed! You are anointed tonight to do My service! Look unto Me this night—I AM a God who hears and answers your prayers! And as you diligently seek Me this night, you shall find answers and that breakthrough that your heart so desires shall come to pass! I AM a God of signs, wonders and miracles, and they are of the ordinary in heaven and they shall be ordinary on the earth because I have ordained it says God!

Adrienne H.—(Song)—I love you with an everlasting love…rest assured that I love you…with loving kindness I draw you…Come close to Me, and I’ll draw near to you…

Carol N.—Before the last 2 words were given, the Lord showed me a heart—I saw it so clearly—like a natural heart—and it looked like it was about to burst open. And I thought at first maybe it was a word of knowledge, and then I realized that the heart was so full of the love that God had put in it. But it appeared strong, as if it was about to burst with love, but wasn’t going to burst in the natural. So we thank you Lord that you pour out Your love into our natural hearts, into our emotional hearts, into our beings. We just thank you Lord that You pour Your love—almost more than we can contain. But Lord we know that you give it to us so we can pour it out to others.

Sheryl P.—And this is a season where I AM coming to inspect your heart, says the Lord. For I AM coming to dig around and help break up that which has become hardened and that which has become blocked. My love and My kindness are visiting you in this season to break up the fallow ground so that I can plant the new seeds for the new season. You are crossing into something brand new, and I must have a people that are set apart and sanctified unto Me, says God. So receive My visitation; allow Me to inspect YOUR heart, says the Lord.

Worship Team—So step into Refiner’s fire…step into the refining fire…for I will mold you like gold…I will burn away every dirty thing…everything that was never of Me…for this is the place where covenant is made…this is the place where you and Me lock gaze…in this place you will be what I called you to be…you will be made to your original form…I’m purifying you, so you can live for Me

Betsie C.—And the Lord would say: Don’t fear the Refiner’s fire! The Refiner’s fire is not what the religious spirit of the last season told you that it is! My Spirit is a Spirit of freedom and life and release in the Lord! And in this season you will know Me in a deeper way; you will know My heart in a deeper way, as you are broken free from religion and the lies that accompany it. You will come forth into the freedom, the light, the release—that when you come out of that fire you will not even have the smell of smoke on you. But you will come forth leaping and dancing and praising My Name!

Worship Team—Step into Refiner’s fire! Those places that were hard will now become soft! You have a new freedom! You have a new song! So release it now! Release it now! All the day long! For you will find true love and you will find true joy! You will find true peace—you will find the real Me! As you dance with Me!

We’ll dance in the flame! We will dance in the flame of the Refiner’s fire! We’ll rejoice in the flame of the refining fire! Made new by the flame! I am transformed! I am made new!

Thomas—God is the King! You can do anything! You are the King of kings!

John P.—Amen! So let’s thank God for prophetic songs that stir prophetic creativity in your spirit man. A child shall lead them! Some of you just need to step out and let God create something new in you instead of doing the same old, same old. So Lord, we say You are the King and You can do anything! Because You are the King of kings! Thank You Lord!

Thank you Betsie for transcribing!