Please pray into these prophetic words for your life this week!
Thank you to Betsie for transcribing!

Don D.—It’s true when one sinner comes to repentance there is rejoicing in the heavens! But tonight I rejoice over YOU—those who have been bought with the precious blood of the Lamb—those whom I know, those whom I call My own. For truly this day, rejoice, there is a celebration for you, says God! Reach up and grab that celebration, wherever it is, wherever you can find it! For truly I AM a God who loves celebration, because I’ve created celebration for you! And celebration you shall rejoice in Me! But let it be known: I rejoice in YOU says God!

Carol N.—The Lord is showing me patterns, like patterns on fabric. And all the symbols and the patterns are moving around and they become like a map—a map with symbols and legends and directions. And the Lord said: Your life is a journey and you need a map. And He said I show you the way. I show you signs and symbols; I give you directions. Sometimes your path becomes crooked and I AM the One who makes the crooked places straight. Sometimes your path becomes blocked, and I make a way where there is no way. Sometimes you strive and strive to go up to the mountaintop, and you expect to just take off. But instead, I’m there in the gentle cool breeze of My Spirit at the mountaintop to refresh you. Sometimes your path goes on bunny trails, you just go off in a way that is not Mine and I bring you back, like the Israelites who wandered around and around in the desert. But eventually, I showed them the way. Eventually, they found the way to the Promised Land. I’m the One who leads you; I direct you; I give you signs and symbols. You don’t need to be concerned about your journey, about your path. I’m directing you. I lead you in the way that you should go. I lead you in My path of righteousness. Don’t look to the right or to the left for I’m leading you in a straight way. I’m leading you in the way you should go. Look and be aware of the signs and symbols that I give to you daily. I bring them to you; be alert to them! And follow My ways all your days.

Darlene B.—And the Lord’s been saying that there is in here tonight—just a spirit of forgiveness—a spirit of grace to come down and rest upon ones. Now we all need grace and we all need forgiveness, but sometimes the Lord comes in that special way to rest on ones that need that forgiveness. So step in if you need it tonight—that extra dose, that extra peace, that extra grace—step in tonight. Even as the worship team was singing that song, I felt that special anointing of the Lord’s love and forgiveness on tonight. Whatever the situation, whatever the thing that’s in your way, begin to express it to the Lord; begin to cry out to Him, as you worship Him and step into His grace. Step into His love on tonight, step into His forgiveness on tonight. The Lord is here to take away those tears, to take away those sorrows, to wipe those eyes says God—and awaken you to a greater peace in Me says the Lord. So that greater grace is Me says God; that greater peace is Me—that greater forgiveness says the Lord is Me. Step in tonight.

Carol N.—Song—I AM the Everlasting One. I stand bold and strong. I lead you to victory. I’m your warfare. I’m your General. I’m the One in charge and I lead you. I lead you forth with boldness and strength and righteousness in Me. Trust Me—I’m your General. I won’t let you down. I won’t fail your trust. Go forth knowing you have the victory in Me! I AM the bold One, the strong One. Your strength is in Me. Trust Me and go forth in victory. It’s Mine! And it’s yours in Me!
Don D.—I AM new every morning says God. For when you awaken from your sleep of the night, there I AM in My newness. Grab a hold of Me and My newness—make My newness be part of you says God. For then shall you be able to walk and do the things that are right in My sight. Because you are new every morning, just like I AM new every morning. So look! When you wake up in the morning, don’t look around but look and find Me! I AM new every morning; I AM what you need says God. For every day I AM your Sustenance; I AM your Redeemer; I AM your All in All! I will make you new every morning!

Eileen P.—The Lord says I want you all to look through your house and find baskets. Hurry up! Be quick about it! Because I’m about to do some amazing new multiplication! And just as there where 12 baskets of remnants left over, I want you to be ones that will bring the baskets to the scene so that when the miracles start to take place, nothing will be wasted!