Don D.— For this reason I ascended unto the Father—for I AM even now seated at His right hand interceding for you. Truly this day My intercession is deep for you. For I know the longings of your heart—and you are not alone, says the Lord. Where you are, I AM there with you. So therefore rejoice this day (part I couldn’t hear) for I AM interceding for you!

Sheryl P.—Tongues message
Boris P.—Feasts and festivals, times and seasons—those times where I spend time with you—I look forward to those times with you as a father spending time with his children. Come unto Me, come unto Me—now is that season, —Rejoice! Spend time—offer yourself, offer YOURSELF as a living sacrifice. Come and have a (table?) with Me. I look forward to that time with you.

Gordon M.—The portal is open! There is no hindrance between us here, and the heavenlies. The only obstruction is something within us. Let our spirits go—Lord take my spirit—I want to go up and I want to whirl around Your throne Father. I want to experience things that I’ve not been able to experience. Lord let us go up—now is the time.

Troy P.—The Lord is saying that He is releasing a revelation of His love right now—just reach up, reach up—He said it’s here. You can receive it and it’s gonna flush out all fear! All fear that’s been hindering you, delaying you, stopping you, preventing you! All fear is gonna be released! Receive this new revelation because I’m Vaving you in, I’m Vaving you in to who you are, to who you are in Me! I long for you I long, long for you! I love you more than you could imagine. And so now I’ve brought you here to bring you completely out, to bring you completely out of all captivity—anything that’s held you in the past season is over tonight! If you will receive it by faith! If you will reach up tonight and receive it—you will see what I have declared and said over you come to pass!

Alfreda R.—For the Lord would say this is a great hour of My visitation—and I AM releasing the angels, the armies of the Lord are going forth! Do not walk in fear in this season! You will see My hand at work in this hour. And I say unto you Do not fear! Do not fear, for the Church is arising, I’ve positioned you and (a great season is upon you?), a great area of influence, and My Spirit is coming! Do not fear (what I shall send?), but walk in My power, walk in My demonstration for You will have the armies of the Lord behind you! Do not fear that the gate is shut, because I AM opening up My (gates?) even as the enemy is opening up his (gates?). But do not fear, for I AM opening My gates. So walk in My power and walk in My authority for I have positioned you for this season and for this time, says the Lord!

Don D.—For I have released a sound throughout the whole earth says God! For this sound shall permeate even the inner parts of your being—for this sound will permeate the whole world! For I have made the world and I have created it and IT IS MINE! For truly this sound will turn things upside down—this sound shall make the crooked straight! Those that are in are in high places shall fall down. For truly righteousness shall prevail in this time. This is the time for righteousness.

Richard M.—Help! Help! Help! I’ve heard the cry of help! The Lord says, Help, Help, Help is on the way!