Betsie C.—And God says don’t fear the swirling around your head. Don’t fear even the confusion; but surrender to the unknowing; surrender to even My ability to enable you to surrender to the unknowing. And I will bear you forward into victory in the midst of that. For I know all things and you are in My hand. And I, as you lean back in Me by My power which I freely give, I will bear you forward into a victory unlike you’ve seen before or known at any time. In Jesus Name.

Carol N.—I heard the phone ringing; I heard it ringing loud. And the Lord said, you receive many messages every day, but this is My phone call to you. I AM calling you to become engaged with Me. I AM calling you to be passionate in relationship with Me. I formed you; I gave you birth; I set your spirit ablaze with My Spirit. And I desire to have that passionate relationship with you. I AM calling you into passion; strong passion with Me! I AM calling you to become engaged with Me and Me alone!

Darlene B.—And the Lord says this is My season of war. It’s My season for you to war for Me, says God. Begin to war over the promises over your life! Don’t give up any ground in this season! It’s NOT TIME to step back and open up and allow the enemy to come through! But I will war with you in this season—for it is MY season of warfare! YES! I call up the troops in this hour, the MIGHTY troops of God! For you ARE My Burning Ones, My Flames of Fire! So begin to step in; the Lord says step into the mighty season of war! I AM that armor bearer—that Strong Mighty Armor-Bearer in this season to see you through every trial and tribulation! I AM NOT asleep at the wheel, for I AM AWAKE and I don’t slumber—and I don’t miss ANYTHING , says God! So step in! Step into that season of war, and see your promises in this hour begin to come forth, begin to be seen, begin to be KNOWN!

Troy P.—And in this season of war have I not given you the greatest weapon? Is it not My Word? Have I not called you to lock and unlock? Have I not called you to take the scriptures and the promises in this word and to WAR, and to lock and unlock, and to lock and unlock, and to lock and unlock, and to lock and unlock, and to lock and unlock, and to LOCK and UNLOCK? What is the enemy doing? Is he not roaring at you? But am I not greater? Is My word not greater? It breaks in pieces the most hardest resistance! Take My word! Take My word! And lock and unlock! Lock and unlock! Lock and unlock! saith the Lord.

Richard M.—Is it a strange thing when the Spirit of God shows up? After we ask Him to be here? We asked Him! We asked Him, Lord come here! We’ve come to me you tonight! And He says, is it a strange thing that I would walk among you? You’ve asked for Me! Here I AM! Step in! Step in! Don’t hold back!

Adrienne H.—(Song)—I AM the Great I AM! I’m not the great I was! I AM the Great I AM! I’m not the great I was! I AM God–and I AM your provision! I AM the Great I AM! I’m not the great I was! I AM God! I AM God! I AM God!

Eileen P.—I saw this little contraption, a little machine being wheeled up alongside of me. It was like a little tiny steam engine. And then the Lord ignited it and steam started to cook and to work. And I just felt the Lord is saying—you’re thinking that the fire is necessarily going to be for big things, and it is—but this little machine is maneuverable—it can get into all the little places in your life, all the little issues, all the little things, the small things. And it’s going to be powerful, it’s going to be maneuverable, it’s going to be competent, it’s going to get the things done.
So Lord, You’re not just the God of the great things, but Your fire is controlled; it works in the little things; it works in the small places of our lives—it’s maneuverable, it’s flexible, it’s dependable. Thank You Lord, You are God of all!

Sheryl P.—Before we go into our last worship song I want to share this with you. This morning I was taken up in a heavenly experience. I saw the hand of the Lord engrave His Face on the cliffs of NJ. Now we have a lot of cliffs—you don’t realize it down here, but along the Atlantic Highlands, Mt. Mitchell is the highest point on the Eastern seaboard all the way to Mexico— at Atlantic Highlands—it’s right across from New York City. And then we have cliffs on the Delaware, and cliffs up there by the George Washington Bridge and all that. And the Lord said to me, “I AM tattooing…” because it was the Face of the Lord—and in Hebrew the word “face” means “Presence”. He was tattooing His Presence on our territory—because we are gathering, we are desiring Him. And so I got home this evening at 4 o’clock—I drove back home from North Jersey, and I received a text from Ruth B. in Jersey City. And this morning during the 9/11 memorial live stream in New York City, a face made out of clouds appeared reflecting on the Freedom Tower. And I have the photograph of it. Dave B’s cousin captured it on the live feed and sent it to me and it is the face of Jesus! If you text me I will send you the picture. You can’t make this up! Jesus’ Face, His Presence is being tattooed, being engraved—on us—we’re made out of the dirt—and this is what He’s saying: He’s saying tonight, “Breathe in My Presence; let My Fire consume you—whatever My Presence looks like—whether it’s Fire, whether it’s the Wind of My Holy Spirit, whether it’s the Water of My Word—whatever it is—allow it to be tattooed on your heart, engraved on your heart!” And I am telling you, this Friday night—it is going to be powerful, because His Presence has already been engraved!