Richard M.—Song in tongues


Boris P.—I just believe what I heard in that word was: See the signs in the heavenlies—I’m talking, leading and guiding you! See the signs! The changing of the seasons! I’m talking, leading and guiding you!


Carol N.—I feel that I had an interpretation also: Jesus is passing through. He’s passing through the crowds; He’s bringing healing and deliverance; He’s bringing joy; He’s blessing the children. Jesus is passing through—He’s passing through the earth; He’s passing through your life. He has passed through before;—and what is it that He left for you? Think about all that He left for you.


Worship Team—All our worship is shooting arrows into the enemy’s camp…we exalt the Lord and we behold the power of our God! Victory is at hand! Victory is at hand! Oh it’s all about the Father’s plan…so rejoice in your God! Rejoice in your God and know that He sees! It’s time to believe! It’s time to succeed in Him!

I see the Father’s hand and it is hovering over the earth—so we say Earth receive! Earth, receive the hand of the Lord! It’s time to believe; it’s time to receive the hand of the Lord!

Do you know the God you serve? He is the King of kings and Lord of lords—the creator of all things! Do you know the God that you serve? Nothing can escape Him—nothing that He can’t reach! So rejoice in your God! Rejoice in your God!!


Darlene B.—Now the Lord wants to break somebody through tonight—so just let Him do it—let Him break through on you! Whatever your situation is—let the Lord come in and break through! It’s a breakthrough night on tonight—give Him the worship, give Him the praise! Just let Him break through all over you tonight!


Worship Team—It’s hovering; it’s hovering…Your praise is arising…and it’s recovering every hidden thing…Your praise is arising…and it’s recovering every stolen thing!  So release the praise of Recovery! He’s restoring, He’s restoring, He’s restoring! So we release the praise of Recovery!

We release our praise to you…no matter what it looks like…we release our praise to you…doesn’t matter what it feels like…we release our praise to you—for You inhabit the praises of Your people…You are worthy…You are worth it all! We rejoice in You!


Prophetic Words at the end of Rev. Salter’s message:

Carol N.—I heard the Lord say that in the process of being restored, that the Lord was going to restore your dignity—because the damage of the losses was a hurt, and it was something that kept you at a certain level, and from going forward to a higher level in Him. With the restoration there is going to be a restoration of dignity and self-esteem, and confidence in the Lord your God as your Father, your Provider, your Deliverer, (your very Brother Jesus?). There’s going to be an inner restoration that will cause you to skip like a calf!


Betsie C.—And I hear the Lord say, take hold of this word of restoration of inheritance! You have lived below your inheritance personally, in relationship with Christ and in your operation in the earth—the earth is your inheritance, because it is Christ’s inheritance! So God says, “Take hold! EVERY ONE! And call out to Me!” “Cry out!”— say, “RESTORE! RESTORE!”


(Intercession Interlude) And Lord we say, “RESTORE! Restore our inheritance, not only in our families and our relationship with You personally—which we are SO grateful for—but Lord God, let us move forth, out of that place seated with You at the right hand of the Father—and establish on the earth, by Your Spirit, by Your leading, by Your HEADSHIP what You want to occur! Lord we ask forgiveness where it has not happened prior—but Lord God YOU KNOW we can do nothing apart from You, and we bow before You, acknowledging that. We cry out for forgiveness, we repent before You—and Lord God POUR OUT what we need, to be established in Your purposes in the earth—that YOUR NAME will be glorified and that all You want to do will BREAK FORTH! BREAK FORTH! BREAK FORTH! We declare it and we call it forth in Jesus Name, for HIS GLORY!


Allan C.—God showed me a window in heaven


(Intercession Interlude)so Father we just pray, according to Malachi 3:10, that as we bring the whole tithe into the storehouse You open the windows of heaven. And where there’s anyone who has had fears or trepidation or doubts about tithing, or restoring your tithe—the whole tithe, bringing it into the storehouse—Father we just break that fear off and ask you now—we release Your peace into those people, to bring that whole tithe into the storehouse. And Father we thank you, in Jesus Christ’s Name, that the windows of heaven are open and You are pouring out Your blessing upon Your faithful ones, through Your mercy and grace, through Jesus Christ’s Name.


Worship Team—The latter will be greater, the latter will be greater…when the thief is caught he has to restore 7 times! When the thief is caught he has to restore 7 times what he took! That is the word of the Lord! So we say, your latter will be greater!! He will restore! He will restore! He will restore!