Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Dear Changing Body:

This has been another intense week, but I believe we are breaking through. The month of Av is a time when we must press through confinement and limitation. The picture below from the Israel Prayer Garden is an incredible picture of a cicada leaving its exoskeleton! We are declaring that this is your month to metamorphosize into a new form! Let your faith be stirred to press through the narrow place into your enlarged place!
Metamorphosis!  –  In A Moment … Things Can Shift! 

We continue to be so grateful for how Holy Spirit is meeting us during our corporate gatherings on Sunday morning. We began with our Triumphant Faith Institute module on The Gifts and Manifestations of the Holy Spirit! If we are crying out for God’s presence, we must understand the manifestations of Holy Spirit. So, Robert Heidler taught on “Discerning the Holy Spirit: Learning to Recognize the Manifestations of God!”

During our Celebration Service, the level of anointing continued to grow stronger. Throughout worship there was an incredible faith dynamic, and we began to declare that nothing is impossible for our God! As you will see below, there was a powerful prophetic anointing all morning! The Lord had given me a message on “In A Moment Things Can Shift: Moving from Slaveship to Inheritance!” So many feel they are at the end of their options, and have no expectation that the Lord can intervene. I shared on four key issues for “How to Perceive and Grab Hold of Tomorrow!” If you were not able to join us, be sure to watch the webcast replays. If you need us to join with you in prayer for your miracle, be sure to write us. This is our time to break through! Marty Cassady summarized this time: “Holy Spirit is coming in waves that we’re not prepared for. He is getting bigger and bigger, like we are birthing a new power of Holy Spirit. As we begin to understand who we are, as we begin to experience a new birth, a new groaning, a new growing in who He is, we will become a corporate body that will begin to exhibit the light, the fire, the love, the power of heaven itself. The LORD is calling a group to be filled to the fullness of who you are.”

Key Prophecy! I AM Changing Your Sheets! A New Rest for a New Glory!

“There is a birthing of a Deluge of Glory. In these past few seasons you have been travailing and you have been groaning, and you have been pushing and you have been laboring. But now is the time you will see a GLORY come forth that that will be brighter than what you have experienced before. There have been past seasons of My glory, but this season you are walking into, there is a glory that will OVERTAKE! Everything that is not of Me will begin to be washed and uprooted, and flooded away.

“This is a season when the song that begins to come forth now will cause you to levitate in My glory. New sounds will cause you to partner with Me in new ways. You’re going to enter another dimension and the angelic will be there to pull you up and pull you forward. It is the day you have been longing for!

“This will be a week that I change your sheets! Don’t try to rest the same way you’ve rested in the past, for I AM remaking your bed to rest in. Know that I AM causing your house to be reordered and redirecting your steps. And because your bed is being made, stay focused and up with Me, until the breakthrough is seen in your life.

“Because you see the need to come deeper, you will not only get in the river, but you will begin to go with the new current that I’m sending. This is going to be a surprise for your enemies, because you’re going to land on a bank where your enemies have a beachhead. Before those enemies, you will be as a grenade that explodes. The enemies that have “beach-headed” against you will now be overthrown because you have gone with the current of the river.

“For the balances are shifting, and I, your Victor, will appear upon your behalf. I AM changing the order of things, and I AM righting wrongs. So watch this week as the balance begins to shift in your favor. Angelic hosts are coming in double strength. What you have been doing and pressing for, double strength is coming. You have endured the war, the test, and the heat that has refined, therefore, double will now come in your day of defining.

“If you don’t believe Me, ask the blind man – he saw everything. If you don’t believe Me ask the blind man – he saw everything! Right now, look and see what you think. ‘It cannot occur’ has happened! The miracle of My presence has brought a change into your atmosphere, and the time when you have not been able to receive or see in the past has now occurred!

“This is a time where you will speak to the rock. You will say, ‘Lord there is a rock in my path. What can I do to see it be removed?’ However, it is not a rock in your path, but your stepping-stone of opportunity! Stare down that thing, and let your voice be heard. Speak into that obstacle! Speak into that obstacle! Speak into that obstacle! For as you speak into that obstacle, you will see the obstacle be removed and your pathway opened!

“I AM saying to you right now that I am silencing the voice of death. I AM…and in My voice there is life, and life abundant! So look and step this week, but do not look with the eyes that you have used in the last week. Do not use the eyes that have been marred and have been taught by death how to see, because My eyes reveal and My voice is the voice of life.

“I have come this day not by your might nor by your strength, but by My Spirit. As My Spirit has come, the impossible is becoming possible! I AM a God that is miraculous and is above what you can even hope or imagine. Because of the love that I have for you in the situation that you are in, I AM changing and transforming that situation and creating a solution, way of escape, and victory! I AM changing it! I AM changing it! Today is a day you will see My change by My Spirit in My holy name. Cry out, cry out! Cry out for the upper springs, but ask for the lower springs as well, and you will see a new release of living water. You will see that the well that you have dug will begin to spring forth from not only the heights, but also the depths. So cry out! Cry out and see what I will miraculously do for you this week.” (Tobias Lyons, Anne Tate, Chuck Pierce, Sylvia Sizemore, Maggie Wallace, Brian Kooiman, Rebekah Faubion, and Keith Pierce)

A Time to Break Through in Worship, Prayer and Testimony!

We continue to remain very focused for breakthrough. I believe we need to target the next 24 hours for breakthrough, and will be gathering tonight at 6 PM, tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at 6 AM, and then again at noon.

Breakthrough Prayer at 6 PM! Tonight at 6 PM, we will gather corporately in the Tabernacle for “Breakthrough Prayer!” Billy Alexander will help us focus on honoring the “JEALOUS GOD!”

Breaking Open the Day at 6 AM! We will continue focusing our prayers tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at 6 AM in the Tabernacle with “Breaking Open the Day!” Lisa Lyons will be leading this time of corporate intercession focused on welcoming the “God our Creator.”

Your Testing Produces Triumph at Noon! At noon, we will continue our series, “Your Testing Produces Triumph!” We must understand that our testings produce testimonies that overcome the enemy. We are honored that Peni Patu from Hawaii can share on “Fear Ends When Faith Begins!” As I mentioned on Sunday morning, he is here anticipating the birth of Isaac and Celestine’s baby. In addition to running the Youth With a Mission Discipleship Training School in Kona, he served on the council of the University of the Nations, as well as Island Breeze International Leadership.

Everyone is welcome to join us at noon in the Prayer Tower (or by webcast).

Prayer for All of You! Lord, give us the upper and the lower springs, give us every well that belongs to us, in Jesus’ Name.


Chuck D. Pierce