Dear His Hands Family 
Please pray them through!

Sheryl P.— So I say to you, continue to build, continue to build! Allow My Spirit to build up your spirit man! For this is a season where the enemy would like to taunt you to prevent you from completing the task that is ahead. So I say, continue to build! Yield yourself to My Spirit and allow Me to build you up!

The enemy’s voice that has taunted you—I AM disabling that voice even tonight! And I will cover you in the days ahead that the enemy will not be able to find you! For I say I AM loosing a covering over My Body to protect them in this coming season. For My light and My Glory is upon you. And you will walk through a troop! I will cause you to leap over a wall, and they will be blinded and not see you, for I AM for you and I declare today that My favor has been released upon you!

Troy P.—And as we were just declaring that, the Lord said that you’re gonna war for many from that invisible place. Many in your family, many that you don’t even know—as you’re in that covered place, He’s gonna have you war. And many people are gonna be set free—many that are held captive right now, are gonna be set free. But you will be warring from an invisible place in Him—that place where you’re covered, where the enemy cannot see you. You will do many, many, mighty, mighty things for the Lord from that invisible place.

Christiane D.—I heard the Lord say, “Don’t despise the narrow place.” I saw us flowing through, like water through a narrow place between the mountains, between the cliffs. The Lord said, “Don’t despise the narrow place.” When you’re in His Spirit, you’re gonna flow through the narrow place. And the current is quicker when you’re going through the narrow place—a quicker flow!