This morning the Lord gave me the following word for our nation, America, and the Body within the U.S.A. However, if you are from another nation I want to encourage you to use it for your homeland as well. I believe this is what the Lord is doing in His People world-wide. Over the next six months, the nation of the USA will shake. This is the beginning of the Lord of the Nations calling out and separating the nations.

“I will develop boldness like never before in a people that have grown acceptable and silent.  Don’t just look at others to lead the way, for a new spirit of boldness is coming upon you.  I will be rearranging many things in your nation in the days ahead.  I will start shaking the present Church, and will bring a new anointing on the pastors and leaders of this land. I will shake!  I will shake!  I will shake again!  I am choosing nations that will become Sheep.  A new people I am raising up for this hour. A different move of My Spirit is beginning.  There will be a freedom moving among My people.  A new wind of deliverance is coming into the Church.  What you swept clean in the past and reordered in the present will now be shaken. Many demonic hosts have returned to occupy the order of the last season.  I must unseat that order and rearrange you into My order. Don’t resist the shaking.  A new move of healing will come. 

“I will have a two-year explosion of My Spirit.  The underground fuse is being lit. The first responders are being re-fired for the future. There will be a sound that comes forth that will uncover what Satan has covered over and hidden. The day of occult confrontation has come! I will start separating nations and forming new sounds in My People that will realign their nation with My purposes. Those that do not allow a new move of MY SPIRIT to unlock their present order will be stymied and stopped from advancing This is the DAY that the Valley of Decision of nations will be determined by the sound and worship of My People.  Determine the worshipping, warring nations in the earth. A new sending anointing will be on the nations that unlock My sound. The sound of One New Man must be heard — not a sound of Jew or Gentile but a new sound of the ONE NEW MAN in the nations. A new sending anointing will be on the nations that develop the sound of One New Man.  Develop the sound in those who will go!  Develop those with this sound who will walk the earth in THIS AGE!  Get ready!  This is the sound that I will disperse into the nations.  My move will enter in and cross borders of many nations.  I cannot be stopped. Shake, hear, receive the sound, walk forward and uncover what the enemy has covered over.” 

Chuck D. Pierce