Make your declarations and decree what you’ve been standing for:

I am healed – I am delivered – Break through the atmosphere – Come gushing through – Position yourself

Many seasons have retained my waters and boulders are broken and the Lord is sending them out in this season says the Lord.
A well uncovered.

No longer a shadow of eclipse and it will be on fire.

A tidal wave of God’s Spirit.

Walk in greater authority and movement. My spirit is poured out in a greater way.

I see ships. Bringing resources and a breath of wind. To bring healing.

God is unlocking a greater healing anointing in this territory.

The rototiller is breaking up the ground (John holding a shofar and tilling, just like in Newark.)

Follow the sound of heaven. The sound is shifting the atmosphere opening the

Eastern gates over USA West to East, the sound………

Angels coming with flags. A train with the Lord coming around the mountain. (singing that song)

I saw Jesus holding a lamb up to his heart. I thought Lord, a lamb? As a lamb he did the most violent things through love, he won nations. Love violently and abandoned and you’ll win affections. Structures cast down. Love of Jesus will break them down. The love of the lamb in heart is greatest warrior. Came as a lamb and into every hard place is shot down with the Love of Christ.

I have prepared new roads and harnessed…………….

There is a fast regime change. There will be resistance. Fast and sing to me and you will see sudden position changes in government and authority.

There are flagstones being place on the seashore and when they are in place, the King will step into place.

Lighting my lamps in this territory. I will shake those who have hidden they will come out for what I have called them to do. Behold the lamplighter cometh.

I am untethering you. Old tethers that held you in old structures are being cut, says the Lord.

Wrecking ball is tearing down old structures. Build it and it will come.


Waves coming in, pebbles and pebbles, hear the sound of the water and the pebbles rolling.

The Lord is sending in diamonds to make jewels out of this territory. (Stephanie is adding this fact. There are stones called Cape May Diamonds found on the shores of Cape May. This is what I saw when this word was given, increase in Cape May Diamonds.)

Let fruit bear in my life. Every piece of the harvest.

I saw a drawing with seven ships that were full with a lion underneath representing the faithful. Your ship is coming in says the Lord.