This is a partial posting of what was shared in Cherry Hill, NJ.
More to come…

Here is some of the audio.

Chuck had us greet each other and thank the Holy Spirit.

He compared the 7 days of gatherings to the seven loafs in Matthew’s gospel, and now the fish will come in. There will be basket-fulls of blessings and harvest that will be brought in. And, I say to NJ you have created a divine return for America. By you gathering the seven loaves, and bringing forward what I wanted over the next 12 months basket fulls of change will come.

You have created a divine return for this nation. The ark that had been dislodged and held in captivity Now will be returned to this nation.

– –
Someone saw a cluster of grapes with the juice running down the arm. He said, I am doing a new thing with new wine from my garden state. You can’t drink or store it in old wineskins. You can’t keep or pour it. He will do a new thing and a woman will encompass a man. And the Lord says He will encompass you seven times in this new season. Seven times the provision, blessing or favor – whatever you need – protection. Watch for it and walk in it.

– –
You have been pushing like a woman giving birth. And we must push.

In that final push you are entering into a new rest. The Lord says rest and watch me. Watch me perform and your faith increase as I perform on your behalf in Jesus Name.

– –
Ann saw the Lord roll back the heavens and parted the sea like crossing Jordan, and we were crossing over. Our enemies are about to be judged. So we are to say to the Lord, bring that down, let that chariot that has transported and driving that be judged and come down in the Name of Jesus. He brought them out by armies and the army of New Jersey has stood up and they are coming out. And it will make a way for the rest of us to follow.