As we lay down this sacrifice of worship this week NJ comes alive.

If you’re not consumed by me, I cannot use you. I desire consumed ones so all the world sees is me.

I saw in His hand a burning torch and every place the torch hit it ignited in revival. Make us firebrands.

I saw flames of fire and flames of fire dance (worship flags resembled fire)

New abilities are being released in the body of Christ. New gifts and talents to be opened in Jesus’ name.

I saw people lit as we go into the room.

I am recharging your life mission. Moving you forward in it.

When the fire is hot it cracks. Crack, Crack, Crack.

A consuming fire to annihilate corruption in NJ in lives, in government….

NJ is no longer making sacrifice, they have become the sacrifice. A living sacrifice to the rest of the nation as you have allowed me to consume you.

I saw angels in formation with strings of lights coming from heaven. God is losing an angelic host with a trail of revelation coming from heaven to perform miracles, to open deaf ears, to open barren wombs………….

Say: Lord your angels can minister to me.

God is breaking barrenness. You will be fruitful and multiply in the spiritual realm in Jesus name!

A new gift of faith is being deposited. The famine of the world is being broken. Lose the ability to respond to the Word of the Lord.

Jump into the river of the Lord.

(People went into the river)

There is a release of power of God to run His race. Run your race in him.